Thursday, March 1, 2012

Month in Review and Looking Ahead!

March crept up and I don't even know what I did for February. 
Here were my goals for February.

    On the Personal front, I think I did all right with the tattle tale, gossipy aspect. I just keep my mouth shut or act busy and remove myself from the situation.                                                                    On the "Do one thing that I won't normally do. Does the push-up challenge count?                         I definitely did well with the cook more, eat less, include more colors and drink more water, as well as the grocery budget. :) I was able to work a recipe based on what's available at the house.       As for the guest bedroom, maybe I really need a visit from a guest to kick my bottom in high gear. 

February's challenge was 400 push-ups. I did 285. A far cry from the 400, but nonetheless, 
it is 285 push-ups I most likely won't do if not for the challenge. I would love to roll this push-up challenge to next month and aim for 400 again - just to stoke my ego, you know. 
March's challenge would be 100 minutes of plank. Oh my gosh! 
I need to Youtube it to get a good idea on how to do a proper plank.   

February has me running 75 miles. It is a whole lot compared to last February. 
So while I still have a long ways to go to work on getting my monthly mileage up, I am just excited that I am keeping it in the higher range. 

Sunday, I will run my first 2012 half marathon. 
This will be half marathon #5. 
I will get to meet Christine over at Dream Big Runner (who is hosting the 100x Challenge). 
She is going to pace me and help me get a PR. 
I am excited! 

Since I usually race from October to March, I will probably take a break from racing half marathon distances and focus on ramping up mileage for my 1,000 miles for 2012 goal. 
Christine gave me a good motivation and idea - to run a 13.1 mile distance once every month just to keep all the nuts and bolts in my body moving and ready for whatever life throws at me. 
So, I am going to try and do that from now on. 
In a freaky kind of way, I also would like to log a new distance (anything beyond 13-ish miles) in the next few months.  

Since this is taper week and all, I went for a 2 hours walk with Paddy Wag. I want to say it was leisurely, but it wasn't. Paddy Wag walked me for the first 1.5 hours. Then for the remaining 30 minutes, we kinda walked together. When we got back and had to walk past the neighbor's house, their three meanie wienerdogs tried attacking Paddy Wag. They ganged up and tried to bite Paddy's bottom. I, of course, went on mama-bear mode and shoo'ed them off. But they kept yelping, and following, and yelping, and following.


  1. Awesome job on your mileage! You run much more miles and you are still injury-free, that shows your body starts getting used to running. Plus you are running smart. Good job!!!

    So, which marathon are you running??? ;)

  2. Good luck with getting a new PR on Sunday - Sure you will do it!

  3. Good luck on the half! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. Good luck on your race!!! You will do great!!

  5. Awesome job on the mileage. Good luck on the HM, and have a great time!

  6. What a great month, Christina! Your friend Christine's fitness challenges sound like a lot of fun. Good luck at your race!

    Thanks for checking on me on Facebook. My young, healthy cousin died in his sleep last month, and it's really hit me hard.

  7. Great job with your mileage! Good luck this weekend!

  8. Good luck and crossing my fingers you get that PR!!

  9. awesome month! sorry i didnt wish you good luck before the race. I have not been on the blog for about a week.

    but i see that you did awesome. going over to read it now.


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