Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Out With The Old? Or Is It Not Time?

Push-Ups: 10 (morning), 10 (after shower), 10 (after my run).
So that means 165-30=135

Ran: 3 miles in 29:32 minutes. (HELLO! I did it!)
Ok. Admittedly, this wasn't easy. But man, I did it! I had the treadmill set to 6.0 mph and hung out there for as long as I could. Then, I bumped it up to 6.5 and to 7 and to 7.5. Well, I was ALL OVER the shop. But never below 6.0. My feet were on FIRE.

This is taper week. I am wonky during taper week.
During my run today, I thought, "Man! I should have done more tempo runs." "Man! I should have done more speed intervals." It's like, I can train my body to run faster. And I haven't been doing so. I have been cruising....  Man. Oh. Man.  Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

I also wondered about shoes and have a question for you.
I have a pair of Adrenalines that has 350ish miles (definitely under 400). I have trained pretty much exclusively in this pair of oldies.
Then, I have a new pair of Adrenalines (same model, same color, same size). I have ran probably less than 30 miles in it, with an 8-mile run as the longest distance I have ran in that new pair.
Which one would you wear during your half marathon? Old vs. new? 

I love to cook. And I have been cooking A LOT lately. I am just inspired by I-have-no-idea-what!
Hence, this explains the excessive number of food pictures. Anyway, today's meal revolved around a sauce - aji verde (Peruvian green sauce made with cilantro, jalapenos, olive oil, vinegar, salt, garlic, and sour cream).

Other than using 3 jalapenos, I cannot tell you the exact measurement of the other ingredients. 
It was made by feel. But the liquids were about 1 tablespoon each). 
So, do a quick search on google to get the proportions. 
The sauce was delish! 
It was fresh, light, a hint of heat, and it was green! A pretty shade of green. 
This was great over a roast chicken thigh. But I can imagine dipping toasted flat bread in it too. 

Ok. I really love to cook. And I love to cook for people I love. 
To me, cooking is more than just slapping a meal together and keeping a person from starvation. 
Sure, there are days when I threw stuff together and can't be bothered, 
but most days, I do try to go above and beyond when it comes to food. 
I take pride in my cooking. 
And I take pride in running too. 


  1. I'd go for the new ones. Obviously you know how your shoes wear, but I'd way rather prefer sore feet from breaking in shoes than sore knees from dead ones. I don't think you'll have any issues since you already have some miles on them. It'd be different if they were straight out of the box...

  2. Since you run a lot on the treadmill the shoes are not that worn out and will last you longer. Have you ever had pain or issues with your old shoe? If not,I would stick with them. My shows are around 300-350 and all of them still look pretty good.

    I started to run in 2 pairof shoes and always alternate them. I once read it takes a shoe 48 hours to recover from a run and get back into original shape :)

  3. I'd stick with the old shoes through the half. If you're definitely less than 400 miles and you haven't been having too much trouble, I'd keep wearing them. This race could be their last hurrah. :)

  4. Your cooking looks amazing!! :)

    Also, great workouts! Nice job!

    I would stick with the Old Shoes. Break in the new ones a little more and wear them for the next one. :)

  5. WOW just found you but congrats on your awesome sub 30min 5k time and those pushups!!!!!

  6. I love the color of the sauce.

    Congrats on the sub 30!!!

    For one more race, I'd go with the old shoes, if your legs and feet are feeling fine.


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