Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm Mosquito Bait.

Have I already mentioned I have been extremely tired lately?
However, my sleep haven't been exactly rested. I was up early this morning at 6 a.m. 
I farted around in bed, playing Scrabble and Words With Friends on my phone.
Then I finally rolled out of bed and decided to take Paddy Wag out for a walk.
Or really, I went outside to be mosquito-bait.

I came back in and started my day with a Green Monster.
Spinach + banana + half avocado + milk + ice + a drizzle of honey.
My day is already looking pretty darn fine.

Lately, I am also loving this kind of food for lunch.
Bread and butter pickles and dill pickle slices.
Cheese toast
Salad with ranch dressing
Hard-boiled egg.
Boca faux chicken patty.
This stuff is pretty satisfying!

Spent the rest of the day typing speech reports.
I love my work because I have a wonderful boss and quite a good number of wonderful coworkers.
But quite often, I take work home.

This is part of my desk right now.
A hurricane just came right through.
It is obscene.

Off to type more reports.
And maybe bake a cake!


  1. Bake a cake..YUM! That green smoothie sounds better than it looks, but that is usually the case with those!

  2. Hope you are done with the reports soon. So jealous of all your sleep!! Missed a Paddy Wag picture in this post :)

  3. Looks like a very satisfying day minus the mosquitoes. Show me the cake!

  4. too early for mosquitos here. but it won't be too long...

  5. Oh bugs......... the good part of winter. They are gone!


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