Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh Macoroni!

I feel like I am racing against time. And since I haven't been sleeping well at night, I just wake up and take advantage of the non-sleep mode and do stuff around the house. No use tossing and turning and fighting it. For example, on Monday morning, I actually got 2 loads of laundry going before I left for work!

Also on Monday, I made this yummilicious dish. I found this cheesy sausage pasta recipe from Pinterest. The source is from this site.
I changed it up just a tad. Used evaporated milk instead of heavy cream. Added mushrooms to add some vegetables. Used macaroni instead of the pasta she said to used cos' that was available in my pantry.
The result? A combination of Ooh La La! And Mama Mia!

I also went for a walk this evening with Paddy Wag. Since I am doing a little hiatus from running, a walk with Paddy is just the right thing to do. I ran a probably every now and then, playing catch with her. She did her business in the shrubs and we just walked. And mosquitoes fed on me. Perfect, right?

Love the black and green contrast. 
She loves being outside. 

Paddy Wag running toward me. 

She found the neighbor's dog. That dog is smaller than Paddy but is plenty mean! :( 

Long day at work today. My brain is literally fried and drained. I'm going to bed now cos I'm tired again. Will check back with y'all again soon.


  1. I've been doing a lot of dog walking instead of running too. :-)

  2. Hope you slept better. Not sleeping is annoying.

  3. Ugh I slept like crap lasT night, which is rare. Your eats look delish. Now get some rest.

  4. Mmmhhh that looks yummy!!! :) I was thinking about you today! I heard our theme song and was thinking about the Little Rock Race - so much fun!!

  5. Hope you're getting some more sleep and feeling better! That dinner looks delicious!


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