Monday, April 23, 2012

Proud Momma Fights Procrastination

Have you ever had those times where you know you gotto get thing #1 done, but you just don't want to do it? So you wait, and wait, and pull excuses out of thin air, and wait some more?  I seemed to have a streak of procrastinating moments lately. Taxes. Work. Exercise.

Know what doesn't procrastinate?
Cold bug.
I got sneeze-sprayed by a 4-year-old kid on Friday morning. I started feeling the effects Friday evening. Cold bugs don't play this procrastination game.
I swear I gave the kid an evil look when that happened. But honestly, that poor kid has no clue it was coming either. It really just happened.

So, I tried to be good today, and started my day right with a powerful green monster as breakfast.
Half avocado.
Handful of spinach and then some.
One frozen banana.
A couple of ice.
Some skim milk.
Some agave syrup to taste.
Absolutely delicious!
What a pretty shade of green.
Don't you think?

I am one proud dog momma. 
I have been working on delayed gratification with Paddy Wag.
She waits before I say "OK" to get her favorite treat that's placed right in front of her (sometimes on her paw). When the door is open, she waits before I say "Come" to get beyond the door. And when she is out the door, she waits before I say "OK. Release. Go play!"  Today, on our walk, she saw trucks approaching us. Instead of getting excited and going crazy,  she calmly sat away from the road, on the grass, until the trucks were gone.

We are using a new thing for our walks - The Gentle Leader.
I love it. She doesn't tug as much as she used too.
And we all have a good ol' time hanging out!

I have to work on her posing for pictures next.



  1. Good work with Paddy Wag. I was having some trouble controlling my dogs and learned to do some similar things. Now, I make my dogs sit and wait until I release them to eat. And they need to sit and be still before we go for a walk. Makes a huge impact!

  2. Awwww, what a great baby!!! Good job on patiently teaching her to do that!! I heard many many good things about the gentle leader!

  3. How sweet! That's great that she is learning those commands so quickly.

  4. I love the Gentle Leader. It is how I was able to run with Guinness (a Husky mix who would pull with her back) without her pulling me down.
    Scuttlebutt is very good on it. McM...wants it off so he rolls himself down the hill by our house. Drama King.

    Yay for Paddy Wag on learning your commands!


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