Friday, June 1, 2012

The End and A Beginning.

I say "adios" to a lackluster May. And I am welcoming a new month, a new beginning, hopefully with renewed enthusiasm. May was not mentioning at all, other than I really stink at all exercise/fitness area.

I read a post by Dream Big Runner where she shares tips on finding the way out of your running funk. I have a secret feeling that she is directing that post at me. :) I have always been a goal-orientated kinda girl. So, here's to setting new, achievable goals for June.

Like Kara Goucher said in one of her interviews, I have to be accountable for myself. I have to call myself out. No one is going to say, "You have to run 7 days a week" when you are pregnant. But I can still stay relatively active.

Goals for June
  • Walk a mile a day. I can do that. A mile takes less than 15 minutes. I can do that.
  • Aim for a walking streak for June.
That's it. If I fulfill these two goals, I will reward myself with something new within a budget of $50 (new shoes, new maternity clothes, new whatever that rocks my boat.)

In terms of blogging, I have been inconsistent. It is a little hard to read about all the 5 and 6 milers that y'all are doing. Makes me feel totally lame and totally jealous at the same time. I am going to blog at least 2 times a week (mainly on Sunday or Monday (about a recap of my week or weekend), and on a Wednesday and Thursday (about whatever that I find interesting). I have always found it troublesome to keep checking back on my favorite blogs everyday even though the blogger doesn't blog every day. But I keep checking because I enjoy reading. So, I am just going to set myself a schedule and blog on those days so you won't have to keep checking back.

That's all there is for it.
Look forward to some book reviews (running related) in the next post or two. :)


  1. Christina,
    OMG i feel the same way. i stopped reading blogs bc i didnt wanna read about how healthy everyone is and how much they are running. But this month, i hope to change that!

    lets try to run 'together' once a week!!! or workout or something!

  2. June is a new can do it!


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