Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Review: The Ultimate Beginners Running Guide: The Key to Running Inspired

Author Ryan Robert contacted me back in February about reviewing his book on running. It took me a while to finish the book and I finally finished reading it - all of it. I am a slow slow reader and was already swamped with work that it took me a while to finish it. So, apologies to Mr. Robert.

Mr. Robert was generous enough to offer me a free Kindle version of his book "The Ultimate Beginners Running Guide: The Key To Running Inspired." But I bought the Kindle version with my own money. It was only $5 (on And it was money well-spent!

There are five chapters in the book and it is divided into general categories such as: Getting started, staying motivated and challenging yourself, nutrition/running in adverse conditions/common injuries, running inspired, and a chapter devoted to training schedules.

Every chapter provides valuable information and I learned something from each chapter. For example: Chapter 1, I learned about running forms and ways to improve my running forms.  In chapter two, the part on improving performance through various training methods proved to be useful. He also wrote about different types of pace running (hill repeats, intervals, fartleks) and explained it well. Chapter 3, there are tips on training in different weather conditions and he also explained on some of the common running injuries and how to treat them. Chapter 4 talks about running inspired - which really, the other chapters make you want to head out for a run, so Chapter 4 is just a cherry on top of a sundae.  And Chapter 5 consists of various training schedules for different types people (those who are non-exercisers, those who are looking to lose weight, for the 50 and over population and for the active beginner runners). 

Overall impression:
  • Simple, easy to understand, easy to follow writing style. Everything is pretty much set up in a logical, systematic way. Mr. Robert is wonderful at explaining.
  • This book is wonderful for people who are totally clueless about running, and those who have been running a little while but have been getting their information from running blogs/magazines/word-of-mouth/web sites (like ME). I have never had a running coach. I just read about running and decided to do it. I follow some kind of schedule but never have things totally and logically explained to me. This book IS IT.  It gave me a better understanding of running and its mechanics.
  • Now, remember, this is a basic book on running - not an all-encompassing book on running. You are not going to find information such as run-less-run-better or barefoot running or running when you are pregnant, or any of the more niche running topics. It gives you a firm, basic, solid foundation to help you understand running. This book won't be dated. The topics being discussed are logical (can't stress that enough), basic but important.
    Just think of this book as a math book. It teaches you the basic arthimetic but not the calculus or trignometry portions of it. However, without a firm grasp of the basic arthimetic, you probably won't understand or solve the calculus problems.
Like I said before, this book is money well-spent. I recommend this book!

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  1. I heard several good things about this from various people. I need to check it out!


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