Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week's Round Up: The Peachy Side and The Not-So-Peachy "Strike"

Even though it isn't a stellar week, this week is better than the previous one. I did get some miles in on the treadmill. I usually start out with 0% incline and increase it gradually. I love it!

Monday: 1.5 mile on treadmill
Tuesday: Leisure walk with Paddy Wag
Wednesday: Too tired to walk. Spent the day shucking corn. It wore me out.
Thursday: 2.14 miles on treadmill. Phew.
Friday: Worked at boyfriend's office. Spent the rest of my waking hours crocheting baby's blanket. A/C officially went on strike.
Saturday: A/C still on strike.
Sunday: Picked peaches at the orchard for 1.5 hours. A/C still on strike.

This week brought us the first day of summer. Summer in Arkansas is like living in a perpetual heat wave. Hot. Humid. Horrible. Not as bad as Texas. But still not good. Not good for pregnant women.

The A/C at the house conveniently went on strike sometime on Friday night. We usually keep the air on 65 degrees at night because I can't sleep if it is hot and, if I do sleep, I usually will suffer from headaches.  Saturday night required some creative thinking to get as much "cool" air into the house. The fans are working overtime and then more. I didn't walk on the treadmill since I usually have the AC blasting with two fans blowing at me. I tried to move around instead of being sedentary. Taking cold showers help. Drinking iced cold water helps too.

I am working on crocheting a baby's blanket. It is rather lop-sided since I messed up a little on my counting. But I think it will be all right.

Crocheting at the office.
Answered the phone and ended up having a crazy tangled mess! 

Finally made some progress.
It does look like a blanket.
I love how it has little puffs.

On Sunday, I went to the orchard with the boyfriend to pick peaches. Glow Havens and the White peaches are ready for picking. Oh my! I had a wonderful peachy good time. We parked the vehicle and had to walk down the rows and rows of peaches. After filling our sacks with peaches, I walked all the way back to get them in the vehicle or to get more bags. It might not be 3 miles on the treadmill, but I am glad I am moving around instead of sitting around. It makes me feel a little better about myself.
Tasting a white peach before I started picking.
Gotto do a little "test drive"

An hour and a half later, we filled the back of my 4-Runner with peaches.
Guess how many pounds of peaches we picked.
I will reveal the answer the next post. 

Best. Date. Ever! 


  1. OMG what are you planning on doing with so many peaches? :)

  2. That is a LOT of peaches! and they look delicious! I can't even guess a weight... 50 lbs? I'm sure I'm way off. Looks like you're doing well... hang in there during the summer. I know it's crummy, but you can do it. :)

  3. sounds like a great week and weekend!

    that is LOT Of peaches!

  4. Oh no, hope the a/c is up and running soon. Wow, what r u doing with all those peaches? :)

  5. 70lbs? They look really tasty! Southern peaches are so much better than the garbage peaches we get in the north.


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