Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Wow! My arms got a workout today!

I started my day at a 8:45 a.m. with an old fashioned breakfast of homemade biscuits and gravy and a couple slices of bacon at Aunt E's house. Then, we got to working! The Uncle H and Cousin L went and bought 5 bags of corn (there were about 70 ears in each bag) just before the crack of dawn this morning.

The women-folk got to shucking and washing corn all morning! I practically did a whole bag by myself (and this was my FIRST time doing a large scale shucking). My arms are tired. I think I might have bulked up just a tad!  Cousin N had to "modify" my set-up for me since my baby belly is in the way and I can't bend down like I used to. Anyway, while we were shucking and washing the corn, we also watched the little kids play in the little pool and the sandbox. A whole lot of work was done. And a whole lot of fun was had by all.

Fun with water.

Nothing says summer like WATERMELON!

Fun in the sandbox.

Lesson Learned: Remember the story "The Ant and The Grasshopper" from Aesop's fables? I know about this story since I was a kid. And I believed, I have always been planning and working for the future. However, all these putting up of peaches, berries and corn is actually quite a literal lesson of that story. I must make sure my baby learn this valuable lesson of hard work and planning for the future.

While shucking all the corn, I thought:
  1. I am thankful for my boyfriend's family. They really instilled the true value and meaning of family love and togetherness in me. Even though I am so far away from my own family, there are simply no words to express how thankful I am to be part of this wonderful crew and to have their constant love and support.
  2. It is summer break for me, but I have been busy with little things like putting up fruits and vegetables and helping the boyfriend at work.  I enjoy spending time with the family while doing something productive.
    Much better than sheer idleness.
    But sometimes, some sheer idleness is quite fun too. There has to be a balance.
  3. I have learned to let things go instead of harping on things. Some things are just not within your control and aren't worth stressing over or worrying about.
    Just let it go. Life will still go on.
  4. I am also glad that I have learned to surround myself with drama-free, easy-going people, positive people.  They make life a WHOLE lot positive since we are always encouraging each other!

    What are some valuable lesson you've learned recently?


  1. This looks like a really fun day with some work thrown in the mix. I can remember shucking corn, snapping beans, and shelling peas and butter beans at my grandparents's house in the summer. It was hard work but we always had a good time doing it!

  2. Tell me your secret of letting things go! I still have a hard time with it. Enjoy your summer vacation!!!

    1. I think it is important to have a strong firm belief/foundation in what's right and wrong. Once you have that, things get a little clearer. Then you have to think about if a certain person or situation warrants your attention/stressing about things. Recognize that some things are just completely out of your control. So, focus on the ones you can help make it better.
      Certainly, it is important to revolve yourself with positive good people who are drama-free. Fewer dramatic people = less headaches on your part.

  3. I've learned that so decisions in my life are based on fear. I've decided to not walk through life waiting for a written guarentee and do things I've wanted to do for so long. You would not believe how different I feel with such a small change.

    1. Totally agree with you!
      I used to fear being judged by people but as long as I can be comfortable of my decisions and able to take care of whatever consequences that might come my way, I should just do it!

  4. When it's wicked hot, give up and do nothing.

  5. Shucking bags and bags of corn is hard work! I plant a garden every year and then wonder why I do it as I spend hours weeding. But I do love the fresh produce that I know where it comes from!

  6. I love that you're putting up corn and fruit and other veggies! gorgeous pics too!

  7. I would eat biscuits and gravy every morning if I could...the tastiest breakfast in the world!


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