Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baby C is A (Gender) + Week's Round Up

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. It is not easy to bend down with this belly to reach across the bathtub or the baseboard. Interjected plenty of rests in between. After I was through with the house, I cleaned the boyfriend's office at work. It did a number on my back and legs.

1 mile in 19+ minutes. Took it slow today. Started at 3 mph and walked for 3 minutes before I upped the speed by 0.1. Did it every 3 minutes until 1 mile is up.
2 miles in 37:53 minutes. Started at 3 mph and increased the speed by 0.1 for every 1 minute. I also increased the incline too. I did this for one mile. For the next mile, I just played around with the speed and incline.

1 mile in 19 + minutes. Warm up for 5 minutes at 3 mph before upping speed and incline. Didn't really adhere to any pattern, I just did what I felt like doing.
Light weights and some stretching.  Very light but I think I ought to be doing that. Did 3 sets (10 reps) of bicep curls of while assuming a chair-sitting position.
Did 3 sets (10 reps) of bicep kickbacks.
Did 3 sets (10 reps) of overhead dumbbell presses.

No fitness. I didn't do anything. I cleaned, again, this time tackling the laundry room shelves because they were getting out of hand.  Then I went to the boyfriend's office and cleaned some more.  I promise I am not OCD. But this baby is making me do weird stuff!!!!! I promise!!! It wasn't me!

Amazing how the simple action of folding things neatly make a big difference to the look/feel and the amount of space you have.

No fitness. Left home at 6 a.m. to Little Rock for a speech-pathology conference.
Stopped by Carters to buy some cute onesies for Baby C.  I bought the 3-month old ones. I am having a hard time deciding if I should be getting some newborn sizes since the 3-month old size is recommended for kiddos weighing 8lbs. But it seems like people around me have BIG BABIES. What's your take?

And yes, I finally took the advice of someone and got my Baby C something that has pink in it. 
(I was definitely going for the just black or white outfits, and if I am adventurous, gray.)
So guess what?
Baby C is a GIRL!!!!! 

Ran some errands for the boyfriend's company  -- picking up wood glue etc.  When I got back, I was pooped!  Amazing how a 2-hour drive back/forth can make your back hurts now. 
When I got home, I took a shower, sat on my bed to relax, and fell asleep.

Busy turning these ....

into these .....
Exciting homemade Rotel. 

I cut up some jalapenos without gloves and my left hand was left burning for hours. 
Not Fun! 
I tried baking soda paste. Vodka. Running hot water over it. Iced water. Buttermilk. Milk. Sour cream. Lemon juice. 
You know what worked? 
Plain ol' "SUCK IT UP!" 
Yeah. It quit hurting after a few hours. 
Didn't help that I was also having a massive headache today either. 
Must drink more water. 
Needless to say, fitness went out the window. 
But I did squats while stirring the tomatoes. 

2.5 miles in 50:30. Incline set to 1, speed set to 3mph. Stopped at every mile for a drink and just to rest.
Watched Gone Baby Gone on dvd. It was ok.

What I learned This Week? 

  1. My body is changing and I have little control of it. 
  2. Cellulite magically multiply like bunnies on my thighs - gross! Tell me that when I start exercising again, I can take care of them. 
  3. The belly makes putting on pants and panties difficult. As well as bending down to pick stuff up from the floor. 
  4. Need to know my limits and not overdo things. 
  5. Shopping isn't fun anymore. I can do a few stores and that's it. My feet get tired. I just want to sit and breathe in deeply.
  6. Croissants make the best sandwiches. Nothing is as good as some buttery, flaky, light croissants. 
  7. I can walk 2 miles at one time. Must do it more often this week.
What about you? What did you learn about yourself this week? 


  1. A girl!!! Hooray!!! I am very excited for you!!!

    I learned that my husband and I can work together to lift the heavy garage door by ourselves when the opener is broken. It was an experience, but we did it so we could back the cars out and not be stuck in there. :)

    It's hard to say if you're going to have a big baby or not. Most people in my family have actually had what I consider smaller-ish babies. (6-7 lbs). With both of my girls, they told me that they'd be small, maybe 7 lb max. Ha. They don't know squat because Katie was 8 lb 5 oz and Natalie was 7 lb 10 oz (and she was 10 days early).

  2. Don't but anything smaller than the 3-6 mo size is my suggestion. Babies grow quickly in the first few months even if they are small.

  3. Cute onesis!! :) This week was a tough one and I'm not sure what I learned, I felt a little down and hope next week will be better. Good job on your workouts!!

  4. yay for girls!!! :D How exciting! That bodysuit you bought is adorable! You are my idol as far as fitness goes...I have been so ridiculously lazy these days...

  5. Don't buy too small. I bought nothing less than 6 months but I did have big babies - more than 8 and more than 10! Yikes.

  6. Christina!! I had no idea you were pregnant! Your entire blog entries don't show up in my Google Reader, and I hate actually clicking over to blogs, so I haven't read anything here in a while. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    My little guy weighed 9 pounds and 5 ounces at birth, and I ended up having to buy a ton of newborn stuff. Even the biggest babies are tiny at birth, so definitely buy some newborn clothing to bring to the hospital.

  7. HEY!! congrats. its a GIRL!!! thats awesome, Christina. im so happy for you.

    great job on your fitness as well. sounds like you had a very busy week. keep it up!!

  8. a girl...woo hoo! Love the organizational work :-)

  9. Yay! Baby girls are so awesome!
    My baby girl was born at 8lbs 3oz and then lost a little in the hospital. I think she wore newborn clothes for a week or two and then needed larger sizes. It's nice to have a few sleepers in the smaller sizes, but it's amazing how quick they grow out of them.

    Great job with all of your workouts...and it looks like you are nesting!

  10. Definitely don't buy anything smaller than 3 - 6 months - they grow out of the newborn stuff way too quickly! Great job getting some workouts in!

  11. Soo exciting that it's a girl!!!


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