Monday, July 23, 2012

Weirdo and Lots of Goodies!

Morning was great! After sending Baby C's daddy to work, I went back eating my awesome fruit medley of strawberries, grapes, and kiwi while trolling around Pinterest. Then, Paddy Wag whined and whimpered and ran from the screened-in porch to the deck. I looked up and saw a weird-looking man walking around the backyard. Paddy Wag was tracking him. Anyway, weird man was white, in his 30s, in blue t-shirt with some white writing/print, long, disheveled hair that's not blond but not brown. Anyway, I stood by the glass door and watched him. He saw me watching. And he left.

Later, I leashed up Paddy Wag and went for a walk.
But first, we had to pass the mean, yelping weiner dogs first. They always try to sneak up behind Paddy Wag and nip her in the booty. Sleaze balls!

Here's Paddy Wag. She actually sits and waits for them to go away.

I had to carry a stick with me to scare those weiner dogs off and to prevent them from nipping Paddy's bottom.

Out on the highway.
I use a retractable leash but I keep it tight when we are walking by the roads.
I don't want Paddy to dash out and hurt herself or cause a wreck.
I also try to be very alert. If I hear an oncoming car, I would walk into the grass, turn around, and ask Paddy to sit.

We saw some spent blooms.

Paddy Wag all excited over McDonald's!

"Momma. I want breakfast!"
Honestly, it bugs me a lot to see trash littered all over the highway. Found 2 separate gloves, beer and soda cans, and just random trash!

We walked and at some point, I ran, jogged, wobbled with her for a while. I didn't have my Garmin on, but we walked for about 50 minutes. According to mapmyrun, this out and back route was 3.5 miles. We made frequent stops by the side of the road to let the big log trucks pass. But otherwise, I kept the heart rate up. I was panting just like Paddy Wag was.
I say this was a muy successful morning walk!

I decided to go to the big city/civilization to get my bestfriend her birthday present. I was going to order it but that would mean precious time waiting for shipping!  Instant gratification, anyone?

I got distracted and stopped by Baby Gap --- just because. 
Came out with these. 
I actually got 2 body suits for Baby C. 
The rest are a gift for my cousin. He and his wife are expecting their first daughter a few weeks before me.

Then, I got myself together and went into Sephora.
I went in for one thing BUT came out with 3 different things.
Seriously, who can resist buying just one item from Sephora?
I tell myself I am stocking up Christmas presents....
Yeah. Spread the cost. Stocking up.

Then, when I got back, the UPS man left me some presents.
Baby C's godmother went a little too happy shopping at Target online and bought goodies for her. 
Spoilt rotten already?  

All in all, my Monday was quite a blast! :)
How was yours?


  1. Spoilt rotten babies are the best! :D I know my little girl will be spoiled too! 1st grandbaby and 1st great grandbaby!

  2. glad you had a nice monday! mine wasn't nearly as good.

  3. shopping time! yay

    thats a great monday! much better than mine.

  4. Your dog is so well behaved!

    Sephora is a store I can't even go into anymore. Once I bought false eye lashes, I knew that store was just trouble.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day! LOVE the picture Paddy Wag sitting and waiting until the dogs are gone. Too cute!!

  6. I love little bitty baby clothes! So much more fun to shop for than the t-shirts and shorts that my boys live in now LOL.

  7. Aww it sounds like she is going to be one well-dressed little girl!


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