Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Your Moral of the Story

This pregnancy belly makes sleeping a little challenging. I was up just before 4 a.m. and I just laid in bed, reading, until it was time to wake up, make coffee and breakfast.

Come 7 a.m., it felt like a nap was necessary. I went back to bed for a while and decided to get out of it, put on the running shoes and outfit and go for an easy 1-miler on the treadmill. Yes. That was the smartest thing I did today.

What I thought about while I was walking?

There had been so many times when I felt OK to put off the workout till later in the day and eventually, when 12 a.m. comes and I am way too tired to even change into my running shoes. There were also times when stepping on the treadmill at 9 p.m. worked really well. It all really depends.

I have learned to just commit. For example: This morning, I could have just napped. Instead, I committed myself to one mile. And that walk really woke me up and I felt energized instantaneously. A few nights ago, I was getting really lazy but I had to get a walk in since I didn't exercise the day before. I committed again to one mile.

Moral of the story?
Squeeze a workout in - however short it might be. You will feel better.
What's your "moral of the story" that you have learned?
What do you tell yourself to get yourself out the door/onto the treadmill in the morning/noon/evening?

Other Very Important Matters ....

The boyfriend made 10 baguettes on Sunday.
So we have been making sandwiches left and right.

Here's a roast beef sandwich I made for him.

And a turkey sandwich for me.
Homegrown tomato. Thin cucumber slices. Pickles.

And French onion soup.

And because life is not complete without my furry child.
Gave her a big milk bone yesterday and she took it to her bed instantly.
Like mother, like daughter.

"Paddy Wag! Your grandma will not approve of this eating in bed business."


  1. Committing is so hard for me right now! Luckily every saturday I have a group workout, but I have yet to do a single midweek. Oops. Good for you for making the good choice!

    Those sandwiches look DELISH! I want one!

    You should post an updated belly pic!

  2. Those baguettes look great!
    I've been getting up before the rest of the family to get all of my runs in. It's just too hot to wait until my guy comes home from work. Much easier to just commit the night before and sleep in my running clothes!

  3. Awww cute Paddy Wag! What I learned: I never regretted a run but I did regret not running!

  4. Those baguettes look wonderful!!!


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