Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project: Clean Up/Streamline/Share the Wealth

Have lots of Runner's World magazines around the house but just couldn't bear to toss it in the trash because "I just may need to read that ONE article?"

Yeap. I have that problem. And I have too much junk around. So, I gathered up the few Runner's World magazines I have around my study and decided to streamline. Here's what I did.
Gather up the magazines. I start small with 5 magazines cos' I don't want to be overwhelmed.
Get a 3-ring binder.
Get some clear protector sheets (or a 3-hole puncher)

Start going through the magazines, pages by pages.
Tear out the ones you would like to keep.
Stick it in a clear protector sheet.
Label the article on the front.

This is how I ended up labeling it. 
"RW 2012 March"
Basically, "magazine name, date/year."
I paperclipped some of those articles that have multiple pages.
(which was pointless since for those multi-page articles, I just stick the whole thing into ONE protector sheet).

Toss the magazine into the trash IMMEDIATELY.
Here's the contents page.
I wrote it in pencil to give myself some basic categories to work with.
Example: Core training/Running Plans/Nutrition & Weight Management/Quick Workouts 

Sometimes, you want to save little nuggets of information.
So I cut them out, toss it into a box, and I am going to write a post for the blog so I can "document and save" this piece of information digitally.
All while doing a good deed for you!
Information is wealth. And I like to share this kind of wealth.
Not that I have lots of it.  

Sample of the finished product.

A trash bag full of magazines.

And I may not be classy today, but I think this project has made me kinda fabulous!

So now, I can just take the binder out, turned to the section I want information, and read. No more going through magazines!


  1. I think I used to do that with my magazines. Now I just have a big pile that I need to throw out. Good for you.

  2. So funny! I did the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago!

  3. That's a great idea. I always tear out the pages with workouts and I definitely need to put them all in a binder.


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