Friday, August 3, 2012

A Promise Is A Promise

Ahh. Who doesn't like Forrest Gump? 
Such simple man with simple, honorable values. 

This blog has helped me made friends over the years. They always encourage, support, and motivate. Jessica, who is also pregnant like I am, and I have made a deal to motivate each other to walk through this pregnancy. Today, we went on our first "virtual walk" - the goal was one mile, and we did it. I walked 1.5 miles. And that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't promise her that I would walk.  So, thanks Jessica! Can't wait for our next walk! 

Do you have a virtual running/workout/walking friend? 


  1. You're welcome! Thanks to you too! :D I look forward to our future virtual walks for sure!

  2. Good for both of you guys working together and leaning on each other for support!

  3. Great idea!!! I don't have virtual running partners but I started to post my weekly training and I try not to post that I slacked, so this motivates me in getting my runs in. Keep it up!!


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