Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So far so good!

I have been back at work for two days now. It sure takes some getting used to.
No more lazing around and sleeping in until 10 a.m., and taking naps at 10:30 a.m. Ahhh.. those were the good ol' days!

I went to the big city for an autism conference last week and I took this at the hotel.

Me and Baby C at late 26 weeks.

Monday and Tuesday have been quite good.
I actually got my walks in early in the morning. Nothing strenuous. Just a mile. I may be able to squeeze in another mile in the evening, but I was exhausted from work on Monday. Maybe I will sneak in a mile later.
I am going to try and keep up the morning routine this entire work week.

This is me and Baby C at 27 weeks.
One more week to the third trimester.

Oh wow. Time passes, doesn't it?

(P.S.: I have been slacking at reading your blog posts. Give me some time. I plan on catching up with y'all this week.)


  1. You look so great! I can't believe you're almost to the third trimester already. Time is flying by!

  2. Wow, time IS flying!! You look soo good!!

  3. awwwww. u look great! love the belly!
    time sure does fly!

  4. Love all the great belly pictures! I wish I would have been better about taking them when I was pregnant. It will be baby time before you know it!


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