Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Round Up

Monday: 1 mile
Tuesday: 1 mile
Wednesday: 0 mile. Walked around Target and Sam's Club after dinner.
Thursday: 2 miles. Had incline on 3%, speed was at least 3mph.
Friday: 2.5 miles. Watch Crazy Heart on DVD. Your regular, country music singer and his country music song kinda life. The songs made the movie "livelier." Even though I am not a country music fan, it did put some pep in my steps for a little bit.
Saturday: Went on a delivery trip. Left early, came back late. Walking plan shelved.
Sunday: 2 miles in 36 minutes. Watched Fair Game on DVD. About Valerie Plame and the leak. Good movie.

Total this week: 8.5 miles

This Week Blabber: 

  1. Jessica is an excellent motivator when it comes to workouts. She usually does her workouts after work and would send me a Facebook message to report on how far she walked. There were so many times when I just procrastinated and upon seeing her message, I would suck it up and just go walk. Thanks Jessica! 
  2. I started work on Thursday (even though, technically, I don't officially start until Monday). I need to get on the ball and get my workouts done in the mornings before work - at least a mile. So this week, I am going to make sure I do 3 weekday early walks before life takes over. 
  3. I have learned that walking 2 miles at a time isn't too bad on the back. I just need to find good entertainment on Netflix. 
  4. My feet have been swollen slightly. Propping them up helps. 
That's all this week. 
Hope you had a good one and that the following one will be wonderful too. 
What mighty feat have you accomplished this week? 


  1. You're welcome :D You keep me motivated as well! You keep beating me in mileage which makes you a rockstar! Good luck back at work and take care of those swollen feet!

  2. you are doing soo good with the walking. It's good for your body, but I guess it is also good for your mind. It;s good to have a few minutes by yourself and calm down and relax. Enjoy those moments!!

  3. That's great mileage! You deserve to keep those feet up :-)

  4. great job! yaa for all your miles!

  5. Another great week Christina! Keep those feet propped up!

  6. I haven't accomplished anything wonderful. Well I did go back to work and start setting up my classroom. That is big.


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