Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Round Up + Random Tidbits

Exercise has been blah again. It has gotten increasingly difficult and I have been walking increasingly slow.

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 1
Wednesday: 1
Thursday: 0 - Woke up late. Baby's daddy called for vehicle rescue. His truck's battery died on him. So I had to go get them. We ended up having breakfast together, so that was nice.
Friday: 1
Saturday: 0 - I cleaned the house and sorted Baby C's clothes and got them laundered. So while I didn't walk, I didn't exactly just sit on my booty and eat bons bons all day.
Sunday: Walking around the grocery store. I actually drove to the grocery to walk. It is cool. There are things to see and distract me. I get grocery shopping in.  I actually had to stop and sit down halfway through the shopping. My legs were getting tired and my back was hurting. So I actually found a bench in the middle of the refrigerator/cheese section and sat down for a good 5 minutes to catch my breath, rest my feet and back.

Now the fun stuff!

I am totally digging my new Under Armor flip flops! We are talking about some serious thick, fluffy memory foam. Feels like I am walking on clouds..... Love!!!

I have been working on writing Thank You cards. I have never used the phone book so much before in my life, looking up address. :) I love it. Can't help but feeling incredibly appreciative and blessed for all the love showered upon us.  

Yesterday, I finally broke down and got rid of the badly chipped fingernail polish on my toes. Then, I had to contort my body almost Cirque du Soleil-style to paint those toe nails.
I also did the same color on my fingernails. Basically, it is 2 coats of a nude-ish base and a coat of a sparkly pinkish polish. It is light enough that when chipped, it isn't quite as visible. 
(I don't like pedicure/manicure at shops. I don't like people touching my feet or hands, or back. Which is why I am not crazy about massages either.)

Sunday has been wonderful. It has been gloomy and we have had some rain. Perfect day for something hot and soupy. So I made some chicken and dumplin'.
 Rolling out the dumplin' into thin strips using a sweet ol' lady's recipe.
This is so comforting, so hearty. 

Lastly, here's another belly pic. 
It is a little blurry. Sorry.
But look at THAT chunk-a-ginormous belly!
I am at the tail end of 32 weeks (+4 weeks since I am measuring REALLY BIG).
Baby C was active last night and this morning.
His daddy had his arms around me while sleeping and we were all awoken by Baby C's kicking.
It was neat. Baby's Daddy was smiling when he felt him moved repeatedly. 

I think I'll have a better week this coming week.
I will work on that. 

Question for you:
How was your week? Bought anything cool? Have another product that you absolutely love? 


  1. Those are nice flip flops. I can also recommend the croc flip flops. They are ugly, but supportive. And your belly looks great. Stripes look so cute on pregnant women! Have a great week :-)

  2. Cute bump!!!! :D My week was blah exercise-wise, but I did do the 6.5 yesterday. Of course it knocked me out and I took a crazy long nap! The in-laws bought us the car seat and stroller off our registry! So cool!

  3. You look soo cute!!! Love the nail polish!!

  4. You are looking great!!!

    I didn't buy anything cool, but with my b-day coming up, I got some great gifts over the weekend, including bluetooth headphones so I can listen to music from my phone while running without the pesky cord. Hooray!

  5. i love those flip flops! awesome. they look so comfy~

    i love your belly. i wanna touch it (sorry for sounding creepy! ahhahah)

  6. So glad the flip flops are working out great for you! Do you think the baby will arrive early?


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