Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Boy! Busy! Busy! Busy!

Gee! Last week was a horrible week in terms of fitness. It was a short week but LONG week.  I did get a lot accomplished in terms of work. Fitness? Not so much. I did a BIG GRAND TOTAL of a 1 mile last week. Bleh! Yikes! Ouch!

Looking back, I could come up with a few reasons why I slacked.
1. Getting over a cold. Still have a hacking cough. Every time I cough, it feels like the baby would fly out of my belly.
2. My swollen feet scared me. I have been propping those feet up whenever I get the chance.
3. Most importantly, I think it is because I got off the schedule/routine. Now I am trying to re-establish that schedule.

This week, I should do better. I ought to do better. I would be doing some slight modifications too. Instead of upping the speed or incline, I think I am just going to go at a comfortable pace where I can still talk while I walk and do just a mile each time. This is because sometimes when I walk, I feel a light tug/pull at my lower abdominal area. I need to listen to my body. So, slow and steady is the mantra for the next few weeks. I wouldn't beat myself up too badly if I don't do it.

Now on to the fun stuff.
On Saturday, Keith's cousins and aunt threw me a baby shower. We invited mainly family and a few folks from the community.

The cake was made by Keith's aunt and decorated by Keith's cousin.
It was tasty! 

I was showered with lots of love.  Baby Chambers has lots of gifts - clothes that will see him through a while. And diapers. And wipes.  Most importantly, I am just touched by them showing up and celebrating this phase of life with me.  I may have a blog, but being the center of attention has never been a thing for me. So, it was a little weird being in the center of it all. But it was lovely. I am truly blessed. 
These were some of the gifts. I still have a few bags in my vehicle. 

Baby C's godmother bought some gold for him. 
It is quite customary for Chinese to give newborns gold, completed with their Chinese zodiac sign. 
Baby C will be a dragon baby. 

Today, I went to the doctor for another appointment. Remember I said that I was measuring at 32 weeks at 28 weeks? Yes. I know maybe I won't be able to wait until November to pop this baby out. But today, when Doctor Grandpa said, "...... due Oct 14 ..... " I was stunned. Like it is real. Baby C is coming in well.... erm ... 1 month.  Oh my stars!!  Health wise, we are good, except for some sugar in my urine. That could be the Mexican lunch I had and that Sonic slush I was slurping up on my way to Doctor Grandpa. Nonetheless, I am going to cut bad sugar/carbs out of my diet this week. I shall only get carbs from fruits and vegetables and none of those refined sugar/flour.

And today is Sept. 11. Feels kinda bad to even go on and on about myself on this blog when there are more pressing issues in the country and around the world to take care of.  I just wish for people to have the wisdom, integrity, honor, and courage to do what's right. That's all.

How was your day?


  1. Love that you also keep Chinese traditions in your parenting style! Wow, 1 month, time is flying!!! So excited for you :)

  2. 1 month!!!! That is so soon! You will be an awesome mommy! Definitely slow down if you feel like it, 1 mile slow is better than zero! I slacked last week too...maybe I'll convince hubby to go on a walk after dinner!

  3. 1 month!? Eek! You can do it, though! And that cake looked gorgeous - I bet it was delicious as well. :)

  4. That's a really cute cake! You got some great gifts. It looks like you are set now!


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