Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brand Spankin' New Year!

Ahh.. 2013.
Here's the "What I am GONNA do" for this brand spanking' new year.

1. I am going to continue to heal and recover properly so nothing messes up this time.
2. Once I am up to it, I will start running. Meanwhile, I will remain active by walking.
3. Get back into pre-pregnancy shape.

1. Since I won't be training anything in particular, I will continue to blog about fitness (or the lack of), motherhood, and food.
2. I am back. I will blog on a regular basis.

1. Continue to be kind to others.
2. Be kind to myself.
3. Read.

1. Be in the moment with Baby J.H. That means no Facebooking when I am nursing. I have to focus on him and give him all my attention because frankly, he is worth it.
2. Serve the man of the house and the family.

This year, I am not really setting any strict "challenges" to accomplish. I am taking things easy for a while and take care of myself. I will continue to blog. And perhaps, before too long, I will be back at full force again.

Love yourself.
Have a great 2013.


  1. Happy 2013! I think your goals sound great. Sometimes being kind to yourself is a big challenge. Be strict on that one!

  2. These are some wonderful goals for the year!

  3. Great goals for the year. I loved that time nursing with my kids. I still miss it a little. It goes so fast. Have a great 2013!

  4. All the best for 2013 and to you achieving your goals for the year

  5. Finally someone who isn't training for anything in particular, but still running. I run every day, but without a cause too.

    Good luck on achieving your goals!

    Mom's Home Run

  6. Love your goals for this year!!!


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