Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

 Happy New Year's Eve. 
Here's a little review of goals..... 

Here were my 2012 goals.

  1. Run 1000 km and/or 1000 miles in 2012 - I didn't come close to this. 
  2. Be Injury free - Was definitely injury free this year since I didn't run much.
  3. Run a real official 10K race - This didn't happened.
  4. Run a half marathon where I'll PR (not by a few seconds, but by minutes) - I did this in March at the Little Rock Half Marathon 
  5. Move 15 minutes everyday - Kinda, sorta.
  1. Get into a shape where I feel confident and strong. - 2012 was spent mostly pregnant. But it was a shape I was confident and proud of. :) I love being pregnant. 
  2. Work toward being a kinder, more graceful, patient, more positive person. - This is still a work in progress. I think I am more patient, and strived to be more positive. Even in emergency situations, I tried to be positive and make jokes to lighten things up a little. 
  3. Embrace change/new experiences - One new experience would be to meet up with blogger Christine over at Dream Big Runner. I have never met her before in real life and meeting up with her was a big deal since I am quite a shy person. Another new experience would be motherhood. 
  1. Cook more. Feed our bodies with nutritious food. - I think I did a god job. 
  2. Be a better mommy to Paddy Wag - I was good until later in the pregnancy where I wasn't able to run or walk too far with her. And when I brought the baby home, I was too tied up with the baby. And one day, Paddy Wag was playing outside with her friend and she hasn't been back since. 
  3. Make this current house more "home" - Don't know about "more home" but it is definitely lived in. 
  4. Serve the family - my own family and my boyfriend's family - Kinda sorta. But since October, they have been taking care of me after all the medical stuff I went through. 
2012 was quite a BIG eventful year for me.

In March, I ran a half marathon with fellow blogger from Virginia.
Christine has been a sweet awesome friend and I am so glad to get to meet up with her finally.

This picture cracks me up. Christine and I were so excited and happy and the woman in front looks absolutely miserable! 

My boyfriend and I decided to get start a family. 
I got pregnant. 
And then became really BIG pregnant.

And popped out a sweet BIG baby. 

Then, something weird happened and I lost a bunch of blood. 
I got new blood and a new life. 
This was taken when I returned to my aunt's house. 

2012 was eventful in every way. 
I look forward to 2013. 
I wish every one have a great New Year's Eve, 
and a wonderful, healthy, safe 2013! 


  1. The little rock race and meeting you is also one of the best things that happened in 2012! Soo sorry to hear about paddy wag!!! I'm glad you are feeling better and be around for Jack! Happy new year! Hope we can meet again!

  2. I cannot believe Paddy Wag ran away! Happy New Year.

  3. Congrats on adding such a happy addition to your family this year. Happy 2013!

  4. You have had a very eventful 2012! Here's to you and your family having a happy, healthy 2013. :)

  5. Hope you have a great 2013! Have you been feeling ok?

  6. Happy New Year Christine! Here's to a fabulous 2013!


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