Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Musings + More

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend, because I did.
Last week was the first full week that I have gotten all the kids on my caseload back. That plus having a special education inservice/conference to discuss new regulations kicked my butt. I was exhausted and stayed home all weekend in PJs resting.

Also, I had a post-op follow-up last week and the doctor gave the OK to start exercising. She did caution me to take it easy and work up to it.

So, here I am ... with a "plan" about blogging, exercising and everything.

1. Mondays: I will try to write about my weekends and plans for the week.

2. Wednesdays: I will try to do a midweek analysis of what's working or not.

3. Fridays: Free for all. Whatever tickles my fancy. Random thoughts.

Of course, as with all plans, I will most likely deviate .... :)

Any way .......

Here's the first Monday Musings
1. Goals for the week:

  • Walk at least 3 times 
  • Cook at least 3 times.
2. Operation Clean-out Pantry/Save Money.
Basically it is to cook using existing groceries in the pantry and freezer. I have the tendency to buy too many of one thing (like 3 boxes of Ritz crackers, 2 big packages of corn meal, 5 or 6 packets of taco seasonings), so hopefully Operation Clean-Out Pantry/Save Money will help me declutter, use up existing groceries, and save some money.  I will buy fresh produce, meat, milk and stuff like that though.  This "Operation" has me realize that I buy a lot of carbs! And my fridge has more "room" now. :) 

3. Check out my purchases from Target. 

I got these sweaters for just under $9 each.
How would you wear the red/white sweater?
And how would you wear the navy blue/green sweater?? 

I think I am going to wear black skinnies or leggings with this.
It will be kinda cool with skinny jeans ... but first ... I need to get skinny to fit into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans.
Feel free to throw in some more suggestions. 

4. I love this sight. 
Baby Jack Harrison.
Don't worry. We were parked when I took this picture.

5. "I love you a big whole celery bunch." 
It started with me saying "I love you a bunch."
Then, I threw in "I love you a big whole celery bunch."Then I also said "I love you very much."
And it evolved to "I love you more than a billion dollars much." 

6. Is everyone as hooked on Downton Abbey like I am? 
Episode 4 on Sunday night really hit close to home. I am thankful I am here with my little family. :)

Check back on Wednesday to see how I fare.

I believe I am back again ... Thank you for being patient. 


  1. Good for you on Operation Clean Out - I did the same thing when I was between jobs. I was off work for 5 months and I STILL haven't made it through everything. Now that I have income again, I'm trying to do a couple of meals a week where I don't buy anything new (aside from the things that have to go in the fridge and only last a week).

    I like the new sweaters. Target is opening stores in Canada in the next year and I can't wait!

  2. good luck with the new operations! i have to do the same. i have so much in my pantry and instead of using it up, i keep buying more!

    cute sweaters! i cannot wait till Target opens up in Canada!

    have a great day!

  3. operation clean out the pantry - we did something like that a while back and I also ended up tossing out something that had expired over 10 yrs ago that was shoved to the back. GROSS!!

  4. I haven't started Downton Abbey but apparently I need to, I keep hearing great things about it.

    Good luck with back to work full time. Baby Jack is a handsome little guy.

  5. I did the operation clean out before I went to Germany for 2 weeks and I was able to make dinner for a full week without grocery shopping! It's amazing what you have at home and oftentimes still think, we don't have any food at home! Looking forward to your random thoughts!!!


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