Friday, March 1, 2013

My Name is Christina and ....

I am also the following:
1. A runner
2. A girlfriend.
3. A speech-language pathologist
4. A snot-sucker
5. A dirty diaper changer
6. A baby-rocker

This week, both Baby Jack and I are fighting a cold. I felt rather bad myself but what made it worse was seeing my little one feeling bad. 
All I did this week after work was holding him in my arms and rocking him.
Despite being sick, he still presents with a friendly disposition.  

I learned a new skill. 
I'm Christina, the snot sucker! 
Note: I have spoken with other mothers and NO babies smile from ear to ear when a nasal aspirator in in their nose. 

My favorite product! 
If you have a cold, go and buy this now.

I just didn't do anything fitness-related this week. 
Will get back on track next week. 

This week, I also experimented with a Pinterest recipe.
I tweaked it quite a bit, but the end result was delicious.

1 bag frozen beef ravioli
2 cans pasta sauce
Shredded extra sharp cheddar and 4 cheese mix
Grated parmesan
Garlic salt, Italian seasoning

Spray a 9x13 dish, pour 1 cup pasta sauce into dish. Layer ravioli over sauce.
Pour another cup of pasta sauce over it. 
Sprinkle cheeses, garlic salt, Italian seasoning. 
Repeat layers.
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes covered with foil. Then remove foil and bake another 10 mins or so.


  1. Oh no, hope both of you feel much better by now. Jack looks very comfy :)

  2. Oh no fun - hope you both are feeling better soon!

  3. I'm sure you are even more than those six wonderful things! Hope you and baby Jack are feeling better soon! What a cutie!

  4. Puffs Plus really are the best thing in the world for your nose when you're sick. We keep our house stocked with them.


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