Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Try and Try Again ...

I have really failed at getting my fitness back on.
Okay. There it is. I said it.

Pre-baby: It was easy to wake up at 5 a.m. and run.
Post-baby: Baby Jack sleeps from 9 or 10 p.m. till about 4 a.m. I usually roll back to sleep after nursing him (around 4:30ish) Then, I will get another hour or so of sleep and it is time to get up, get ready for work, get his stuff and him ready for the baby sitter, get all the pumping paraphernalia together.

So... there is it. Getting fitness back is harder than I had originally imagined.
Tips will be greatly appreciated.

So this week, I am trying to cut out down on sugar. I am not going crazy with this. Basically it is simple things like not reaching out for that candy bar, that 8th Hershey kisses, that Sonic slush, that ice cream with that heath magic shell on top.
Day One: Failed. Fell victim to Hersheys kisses, a scoop of ice cream, Oreos.
Day Two: Not too bad. It is only 7 p.m. as I am typing this and so far so good.

Here's hoping that I will do ok tomorrow. :)



  1. You haven't failed, you just haven't got there YET! You will. I've never been a new momma so I don't have any tips for that, I just think you need to be patient with yourself. You'll get there.

  2. Agreed - not failed, just not there yet. The one thing that helped me get back into it was to go directly to the Y after work with no stop at home first. I knew my husband had picked up the girls and was going to start supper, and I had a few minutes to get on the treadmill or the bike or whatever to exercise before going home for the evening.

    I'm the opposite now - a morning person! - but I wouldn't have attempted that when the girls were still as little as Baby Jack is.

    You'll get there! You just have to figure out what works for you and your family.

  3. IT takes time and it's not easy, but you will find a schedule that works for both of you. Memories of a baby swinging or vibrating in the bouncy chair next to the mill come to mind cuz mine did not nap! :)

  4. I never even tried to fit in fitness when my kids were little. It was a struggle as it was to get through each day in tact. Anything you do is good!

    Try substituting those sugar cravings with some fruit or yogurt. It's a healthier alternative and you still get the sweetness you are craving.

  5. I can only imagine how packed your schedule is, especially with working a full time job! Don't be to hard with yourself. Take it one day at a time and ENJOY!

  6. You haven't failed at all. You just haven't figured out what works for you. Everyone handles having a baby differently and I'm sure once you figure out what is going to work best for you guys then you will do fine. You can do this!


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