Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The More We Get Together

Life with a baby is all about being spontaneous and go-with-the-flow ... the baby's flow. 
Baby says "roll to the left," we roll to the left. 
Baby says "roll to the right," we roll to the right. 

Last Friday, we had a tree planting thingy.  Baby Jack is named after our Uncle Jackie who passed away last spring. 
 It was a pretty day to remember a wonderful, kind, generous man.

We planted a Sequoyah tree at Grandmother's house.

Then, we visited with the family. 
It involved food. A lot of food.
Top left: We churned butter. 
Top right: Baby Jack and his daddy.
Bottom left: Baby Jack and me. 
Bottom right: Baby Jack with grandpa, daddy and mommy. 

And everyone else wanted to have some Baby Jack's love. 

I have been walking some with the baby. And whenever we hit the groceries store, I use my baby carrier instead of putting him in the car seat carrier and push him around. I figured that extra weight I strapped onto the front of my body could be weight-training for me. :)

I do planks with him when he is doing his tummy time. I started out with a girlie plank and now, I can do a real plank, albeit for 30 seconds. I usually do 1 minute plank with a few seconds break at the 30-second point. I do this several times a day. :)

I am still eating what I want to eat. Even though, I am making a conscious attempt to NOT consume so much sugar. Desserts and chocolate are my downfall. So I try to avoid that. Be proud of me. I turned down a piece of apple pie on Monday.

Baby Jack and I visited my alma mater on Monday. 
We also visited with college friends and ex-coworkers. 

This week is spring break and dang, it is already Wednesday. 
Lots of spring cleaning to get done. 
And taxes to get filed. 


  1. sorry about uncle Jack.

    baby jack is getting so big! Look at all that hair too!

  2. Wow! Look at all that hair! Love it.

  3. Baby Jack is a cutie pie!!! Speaking of pie, go ahead and have the next one. You are so conscious of health and fitness, there's no way you'll let it get out of control.

    Congrats on the new tree! That's an awesome idea! and for balancing every thing you do!

  4. Hahaha, LOVE his hair!!! He is such a cutie!!

  5. Baby Jack is so cute! Planting a tree is such a nice memorial, and a great way to get family together to remember Uncle Jack.


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