Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Heard The Tragedy, Now I ...

.... ran 2.62 miles in honor of Boston in one of my favorite race shirt.
Not the usual celebratory 2.62 miles I usually run on the day of the Boston Marathon. These were quiet miles. Miles ran with a heavy heart. 

I still can't believe it happened. 
Such things only happen in other countries. 
Only happen at malls and movie theaters. 
Not at a sporting event where people of all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities convene. 
Not to runners who are one of the most supportive, accepting folks around. 
Not to good people like runners. 

I ran with a heavy heart. 
I pray to God, thanking him for watching over those who are not injured. 
I pray to God, asking him to heal, physically and emotionally, those who are injured.
I pray to God, asking him to comfort families who lost their loves ones. 
I pray to God, asking him to show us how to stop such evil, and prevent such tragedy. 

I pray to God today. 


  1. My thoughts and prayers all day have been with all those affected by yesterday's tragedy.

  2. I'm speechless and sad and hurt and frustrated and so much more. They messed with the wrong people! Runners are awesome and strong and will fight back!

  3. Well put. It took me a while to be able to write about it. We are healing and moving forward. It's was we (runners) do.
    Still so sad.
    Thanks for posting.


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