Saturday, June 28, 2014

Slowly But Surely

  1. This week was a little more relaxing. We didn't have to be any where at any time.
    Lil' man also sleeps until about 7:00 am instead of 6 a.m. He usually gets up before I do.  Then, he climbs all over me, tries to pry open my eyelids, gives me kisses and hugs, brings me a book to read. Best way to wake up!
  2. We spent a few hours at the pool this week. My sister-in-law was pushing Lil' Man around on a floatie, and that allowed me to swim laps. I didn't know how much I swam. I just moved. :) My shoulders and back were really feeling it that evening.
  3. I got on the Scandal kick and finished all the seasons there were on Netflix. That means, I was staying up late at night after Lil' Man goes to bed, watching episodes after episodes. It didn't do any good for my early morning workouts. Now that I am finished with Scandal, my life can resume.
  4. Today, I ran my second 5K on the treadmill.

  5. I have been interested in real food/paleo eating. I am reading 100 Days of Real Food blog. She stuck to a budget of $125/week for a family of four.  My husband probably will never give up his Doritos and Velveeta blanco. But I can see he can be amenable to eating meat, grilled/roasted vegetables. I guess, if I am going this route, that's what I would do. Instead of being paleo, I would probably make my own bread/rolls, still buy pasta but not boxed mac and cheese that kind of thing. My deal is there are a lot of preservatives and all the long chemical names as ingredients. Lil' Man is still relatively "pure" and I shouldn't "taint" his body with all that junk - at least not yet.  You catch my drift?  What do you do if you are already doing this?
  6. Lastly, I would post some pictures of Lil' Man of the things we did this week. But turns out, every picture was of him running around in diapers. This is the only one with him fully clothed. Nothing says Summer like playing with the water hose! 

I am looking forward to another week of at least 2 runs!
Slowly but surely, right? 


  1. Oh Scandal, we also just finished all 3 seasons. What do you think? I loved the first season but then it just got weird after that.

  2. Yeah! It got weird after that.That secret spy/killer agency made it all so scary.

  3. Lil Man looks like he is having a blast playing with the water hose! I haven't gotten into Scandal but I guess maybe I should start watching it.

  4. Lil Man is adorable.

    We try to eat real food as much as possible, but not paleo. D won't give up rice and I won't give up pasta.

    Congrats on the movement and the 5K.

    1. That's my deal too. Love my pasta and bread and rice too much!


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