Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Been Running (and walking)....

Summer break started for 2 weeks now and I have absolutely no idea where these time went!
I am trying to stick to a schedule this summer with the little one. Schedules and checklists work for me, so I hope that it will do some good for my child too. :)
We usually read a book, drink some coffee, do some crossword puzzle (alongside his turtle).

We have been spending a lot of time with cousins.
Golf cart rides to the mulberry and huckleberry bushes.
Chasing chickens and getting chased by chickens instead.
Riding bicycle.
Popping bubbles.
Popsicles, popcorn, and lemonade break.
And helping the aunts and momma snapping beans.
Lil' Munchkin is having a blast!

Gotto have sidewalk chalk, right? 
Riding Cousin's Gator. It got stuck in a "pot hole" and Cousin got out to give it a little push. 

I have ran/walked a few times and on Saturday, I officially ran/walked my first 5K since I popped that big chunky monkey out! It was not pretty. I wanted to give up. In fact, after 2 miles, I stopped, but decided that another mile would take another 12-13 minutes. So I went back and finished it. :)

My FIRST 5K since forever!!! 

Father's Day was good.  It is my husband's second father's day now. And this year, we were able to do more with our little munchkin. We went to a blackberry patch and picked 40 lbs of blackberries. When we came home, we spent time making jams and jellies, and freezing the berries. Little Munchkin's new word of that day is "berry."  Now whenever he sees blackberries (in fruit or as jelly), he would say "berry.' So cute!!
At the blackberry patch.

Seriously, this is a HUGE blackberry!

So there you go! I will keep up on my running and my exercising and my eating right.
It is not easy. But I am trying! :)


  1. It sounds like your summer is off to a good start. Blackberries are my favorite! I bet your blackberry jam and jelly is delicious.

  2. Congrats on the 5K. 40lbs of berries????


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