Monday, April 25, 2016


I pondered over this for a while and decided to change my blog name. I feel weird blogging under a blog name that implies running. I sound like a phony --- like I advertise myself to be a baker but I am in fact a cobbler mending shoes.

So here I am, from Lace it Up and Run to Traditionally Untraditional.

This is me. Always have been untraditional.
After junior college, most of us kids were supposed to go to college. I took a year off to travel. This was not the safe regular good kids' path.

Traveling without parents at 17 years old, to another country, was not common. I mean, I was still a kid.

I spent a good bit of that year living in England with friends. Traveling. Live without parental supervision, and yet, in a weird sense of way, was very responsible because I knew I have to have control and discipline.

In my adult years, I went to college in the United States. One day, I just decided I needed to move to another state and got stuff lined up, classes dropped, bags packed, and moved. I moved from party place to a calm, quiet, homey, small-town Southern town.

My age to start college put me in the "untraditional student" category. And add on to being an international student, and with none from my country but myself.  I believe I was a rarity.

While people took off in the summer to go home, I took the full-load and then some. I graduated college with a journalism degree, went to work, and after a year later, decided to go back to school.
I worked at the newspaper, so my work hours were untraditional. I believe my work day starts around 3 pm and ends about 1 a.m. I also went to school in the mornings.

Again, I was back to being the untraditional student again. Old. Asian. In a field where most people are English-speakers. Again. Someone who has been out in the real world.

I graduated. Life is good. Move to yet another smaller town in the South with my then-boyfriend.
Then, I thought it's time for me to have a baby. Yep. Not married. Not buy a house. I wanted a baby.
And so goes my life in a seemingly random, haphazard manner. In my mind, it was all right. It was exactly the way it ought to be.

And here. Me. Traditionally Untraditional.
My life. To you.


  1. I love it! You are following your own path for sure and that is awesome :)

  2. Thank you! No regrets and would do it all over again.


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