Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Come Back Race

Yesterday was a special day for me.

I finished my first race Saturday morning since a half marathon in March 2012 when my son was just a bean in my belly. I had a hard time getting back to running after giving birth to Jack and the hoopla after. It would hurt in all places for days when I ran. I got sad because running is my love.  And somehow, the solution to my problem was: I ate one too many Rolos, hovered over one too many pans of chocolate cake, got frustrated again when running hurts. And gained one too many pounds.

I met a friend and took the plunge with my first challenge pack - 21 Day Fix. I figured if I was going do it, I should do it right.  Beachbody's mission and approach to health and fitness align with my personal approach and mission --- Eat well. Exercise. Empower. Encourage. Support. They will tell you, there's no easy fix. You have to do the work. It is hard. But guess what? You Can Do It!!!!!!

I ran yesterday with a good attitude. I just wanted to finish.

My tell-people goal: To finish.
My tell-people secret goal: To finish in 45 minutes.
My secret goal: To finish in 40 minutes.

Along the way, I thanked God for health, for family, for friends.
I thought about my dad and how we used to run together when I was a little girl.
I thought of my running friend Christine from  Dream Big Runner when she ran with me in my last race and how she was looking out for somewhere I could go potty because apparently pregnancy makes you go all the time.
I thought of my son and how I need to be a good example for him.

The race started. I just ran. I was in the front but I was cautious. I didn't want to be the one who fizzle out 5 minutes into the race. So I breathed in and out and ran. I told myself, "Just run. Just enjoy. Everything will be just fine."

Ahhh. I missed running outside. It has been WAY too long.
I love the cool crisp fall morning.
I love how the goosebumps pop up on my legs.
I love the smell of fresh laundry along the way.
I love the smell of pancakes from the church (Church has pancake breakfast, and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law took my son there for breakfast while waiting for me to finish the race)
I love the yippity barks and rough low barks from people's houses.
I love the sound of my shoes slapping on the road.
It was a smorgasbord of sounds, sights, smells. And I love every bit of it.

I finished the race.
I placed 3rd overall female, 3rd in age division. The blings were nice.
But you know what???
My biggest win was conquering myself.
It was knowing that I can do it if I set my heart to it.

I do credit my achievements today to Beachbody workout programs, my awesome team of coaches and challengers who are always supporting me, encouraging me, and keeping me in check. I got to a point of "How did I end up being so blah?" and thought I should just resigned to not being active anymore. But one step at a time. One modifier at a time. I got stronger. I got fitter.  I slowly added casual running back into my life. And I finished a 5K.

If you are thinking of getting a Beachbody program, do consider joining my team. It is at no additional cost to you after you get your program. If you don't have a coach, Beachbody will assign one to you randomly. So might as well find someone you think you jive with, right?

My 2-cents:
Don't give up. The road may be bumpy. The road may be long. Just keep trucking along. You will get to your destination.

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