Sunday, February 21, 2010


For a lack of a better word, I felt like I was "baptized" in today's run. (I apologized if I offended anyone by using "baptized" in a non-religious manner).
I experienced my first sprinkle-turned-rain run today. It started sprinkling about 0.5 mile into it. I debated if I should turn around and make my way back. Then, Ms. Sandra came to mind. She runs in the cold and in freezing mornings and when she has a headache. She won't be doing it if it is "bad for you." Hence, I continued.
The sprinkle gave way but it was still gloomy. I skipped and dodged a few puddles that were still standing from last night's rain (I assumed).  I smelled rain. It smells strong and fresh and clean. About a mile or so later, it came down pretty hard. It kinda hurt to have pelts of raindrops on my arm and face and head. Did I mention I hate water on my face and I always sweep the water away from my face - in the shower, when I swim ... I did that for a while until it got to be too much of a trouble. So, I hunkered down as I ran and I thought, "what a cowardly form!" This was when I bravely looked up, straight ahead, strong and tall. Maybe I defied the supreme being up there watching over us: IT threw more rain on me. But I looked straight ahead and forged on. And it was this moment when I felt like I was "baptized." These were what dawned on me from that moment on:
"Welcome to the running world."
"Hey hey hey, I am running in the rain. That's what REAL runners do!"
"I feel new. I want to be a better person. I want to accept all challenges, big and small. And I want to be a happier person than I already am."
"I can do anything."
"Dad will be proud."
"I am not always a girly-girl."
"Knee isn't really throwing temper tantrums today, just a little whinings, but it's ok."
"Oh man, three-mile is almost up."

Picture of Buttercup after our run
Me after running in the rain
As I sit here, enjoying my eggs, toast, hot green tea and some OJ, I am glad I beat rain today. It was a great run. And I am ready to enjoy my Sunday.  I hope you had/will be having a good run and Sunday like I am.


  1. Yay to you and Buttercup for conquering the rain! I love running in the rain, not a downpour, just a nice steady rain that makes you aware of all of the things around you.

    Your little doggie is a cutie!

  2. Thanks Tara! I am hoping we'll get some light snow flurries soon so I can run in it. :)

    Buttercup is old but looks like she is making it all right on our runs. I can tell she enjoys going out with me.


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