Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday on Treadmill

Prerun Jitters.  My left knee has been feeling funny since my Sunday run.  Here's an exchange between my boyfriend and me over the shoe and the knee. 
Me: Babe, my knee hurts.
Boyfriend: Your miracle shoes didn't work, huh? 
Me: NO, it works. I think running two days in a row isn't for me. 
According to him, I talked in my sleep again last night or early this morning. He said I told him I really like to run and I don't want my knee to hurt so I can keep running. Hah! I must really really like running!

The Treadmill Run.  I finished the 3 miles that was on my schedule.  And the best part? The knee didn't feel worse, so that's a plus! I also added some inclines to the run today.  I didn't finish as strongly as I had wanted because I was out of steam but nonetheless, I didn't go beyond 12:00/mile.  

By The Numbers.  Keeping track of numbers isn't my forte. Being clumsy is definitely in my blood. Didn't want to risk tripping over my feet and plopping my face against the treadmill, here's the data to the best of my ability. Texting info on the phone while running - don't try it. I'd probably stick with a pencil and paper in the future.
0.5 mile @ 12:00/mile @ 0% incline,
0.5 mile @ 11:30/mile @ 0.5% incline,
1mile @11:19/mile @ 1% incline,
1 mile @ between 10:00/mile to 11:19/mile.

Total: 3 miles at 34:41/mile.
Even though the 1% incline may look like a joke to the pros, I am still happy with them. I gotto start somewhere, right?

A Question:  I am planning on running a 5K race sometime. However, my training schedule has me running 10 miles that day.  How do you circumvent situations like this?  Do share.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  1. So the 5K race is on the same day you are to run 10 miles? Well, you can switch up your training schedule to fit it in. Or, you can split up your 10 mile run in two parts. Run your 5K in the morning and then run the rest later that day.

  2. Hey fitinthecity. Yes. The 5K race is on the same day I am supposed to run the 10 miles.
    So, it won't be considered cheating if I split the 10 miles into two parts? Will that affect my half-marathon training? Sorry, I am still a newbie and a half-marathoner wanna-be. I am still hazy on a lot of the technicalities.

  3. You can definitely split up the distance doing the 5K and then getting in the other 7 later that day. You may be a little tired from running harder in the 5K that day so if you had to cut a mile or two out, you'd still be okay! Keep up the great work!! Woohoo!! :)

  4. Thanks! :) I am excited and I can't wait.

  5. I know people who split it up but that's not really for me. (laziness)

    I usually just push the long run to a different day.

  6. Yep, splitting up your long run every once in awhile is just fine!


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