Saturday, March 13, 2010

The "Yay" to "Oops" Run.

I was up bright and early at 6:30 a.m. I ate 1/3 of a banana and milled around the house a little bit - folded some laundry and I can't hardly contain myself and I just went out the door.  Never mind if the banana isn't quite digested. 

I started running and I sang and I just knew today's run was going to be good. I was rather slow and was a tad disappointed in myself in my 4-mile run a few days ago.  Today, I told myself that I am not going to let anything bother me. I'll just run and be happy. And I ran. The first 0.5 mile was good. Then, my legs felt heavy again. But it was OK. I just kept going.

I pretty much stayed on my usual 6-mile route and veered off a little into a neighborhood at around mile 3 to mile 3.5. I didn't see dogs but I heard them. They sounded like big, dark, burly dogs. Buttercup was slightly intimidated cos' she let off a little whimper. I am still new to the entire "dog world." Trust me, I was deathly scared of dogs a few years ago. Till this day, boyfriend still recounts how I refused to get out of his car when we went to visit with his dad (they have 9 dogs or maybe more). I tried to talk him into getting him to carry me into the house. That didn't work. Remember, I just can't convince people. Haha. I am better now. Still a little scared but not irrationaly scared.  I saw Uncle B. clearing his yard and I waved at him. I saw Dr. D. drove down the road and waved at him. It was nice. I waved at quite a few people today. And most motorists were very friendly today. 

I snapped a few pictures with my phone on my run.  I thought I got a picture of a "nekkid semi." for Zoe, but I must have moved my phone and got the cracked road instead. Well, that reminds me I better put some lotion on my legs.  Check Zoe and her nekkid semi out.  She is looking to collect pictures of "nekkid semis" from all the states.  Better luck next time. I am sure I will get that Arkansas nekkid semi in my next run.

About the 4th mile, I felt a slight discomfort in my knees (yes, knees). But hey, I am about to finish my run so, what the heck? I trugged along and pretty happily. I definitely felt stronger during the second half of my run than the first 3 miles. There is "spring" in my strides. And talk about a good ponytail day.  Even ponytail was dancing and swaying left and right. 

Spring is here. I see daffodils blooming and all that cheery yellow blooms just make me happy.

Rennur chimed! Yay!!! I stopped Rennur and looked down to see my timing and "O0ps! One more mile to go!" I hurriedly start it again and continued running. I didn't want to run to the driveway to the house because I know I will be tempted to stop then, so I ran further down the road and then turned back. Ran down the driveway (we have a loooong driveway) and to the back of the house, to the pool house and back 2 loops around the front yard. And yes! Rennur chimed again to give the seal of approval. I stopped and I was happy. That's my happy face, post 6-miles.

The Data:
Mile 1 = 11:58.92
Mile 2 = 12:47.77
Mile 3 =12:13.28
Mile 4 = 11:41.76
Mile 5 =11:25.79
Mile 6 =11:26.30
Total = 6 miles @ 1:11:37 (Average: 11:56/mile).


  1. Yay! Sounds like you had a happy run. I know spring always cheers me up.

    You asked me on my blog whether I thought that good fuel before a run was important and i say YES! I can definitely tell a difference in my runs when I am eating well and the ones when I am not. I always have a pre run snack about an hour before. Usually a granola bar or apple or something. A really quick carb trick is the banana (like you had), but make sure that it has been digested. When I am short on time, I take a gel.

  2. Thanks Tara. I will be experimenting.

  3. Great job! Sometimes it's just nice to go out and have a no worries and no stress run. When I run....the first couples miles aren't fun, then I get into a groove and feel good :)


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