Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First Virtual Race

I tried to complete this virtual race earlier this week - all 7.something miles of it. But because of a poor prerun hydration and nutrition, I struggled every bit along the way.  I logged 6 miles and also refrained from begging the boyfriend to drive me home.  Today, I wanted to finish the rest of it.

So, I started running this morning. About 1.8 miles into it, I knew I had completed that race distance. But I kept on going. I hated how I had to call the run off earlier this week, and I wanted to run nonstop, the entire race distance. And I did, plus a little bit more.

I am glad I did because I felt good after the run. Above is a picture of me, not wearing a blue top for a change after my 9 miles.

Here are the splits for this run:
Total Time: 1:53.39  Total Miles: 9:27 miles
3:21.91 (.27 mile)

It wasn't fast and I know I can do better. But I just don't really know what was going on with me. My legs felt a little heavy. My ankles just a tad tired. I felt like I could use a good massage - and I am not the kind of girl who likes to be massaged by strangers. Maybe I am a little tired?  Maybe I will continue running shorter distance (like 3 or 4 miles), but at a faster pace this coming week to give myself a little rest?  Ok, I have to laugh at myself when  I say 3 or 4 miles is a short distance. Haha. Six months ago, that would be my LONG RUN! Anyway ....  Do you have moments like these? Do you take a little break from running longer distance?


  1. Maybe you need to tweak your nutrition or hydration?

    Also, what kind of running do you do throughout the week. For example, I've been running 4-5 miles mid week and long runs only on hte weekends.

    Just stuff to think about. :-)

  2. I have been doing 3 and 4 miles midweek, and long runs on the weekends.
    Last week was a good week. I felt like I could just run and run and run. This week was a little blah. What's different is I slept less and I didn't eat my 1/5 Powerbar right before my runs.

  3. I agree that short runs help me feel better and more rested when the long ones come around. Don't forget rest days either! I'm new to your blog btw, love it already!

  4. Wow, you look awesome for post-run! :) I run shorter distances and do x-training during the week, with my long run on the weekend, helps to save the energy.
    PS~ I love your splits, I'm right around that same pace on my runs. :)

  5. Great run...way to finish!
    I am the same way...exactly....long is wearing me out! And I also, laugh, since just 3 months ago, I ran a mile or 2 and was proud of myself!

    Your doing a great job! Just listen to your body...if it says it needs a break...take it!

  6. It's definitely great to mix it up..take a step back week once in awhile and it will give you the energy and desire to get back to some of those distances


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