Monday, May 24, 2010

50-mile May Challenge DONE!

Ladies, I probably disappointed you this weekend for not completing the last 8 miles to my 50-mile May Challenge. I put on my running shoes on Saturday morning, but it just didn't do it for me. The lower calves were funky and Archilles was not in a good mood either.
I rested both Saturday and Sunday. It was good. Sorry. I can act all gung-ho about running, but I really like my bed too, especially when I get to snuggle with my special love bug. 
Nonetheless, that 8 dang miles hung over my head. 
Fast-forward Monday. I ran. It was hot in southeastern Arkansas so I sought refuge at the YMCA. I don't know how I was going to run that 8 miles on the dang dreadmill. The farthest I have ran on the treadmill was 3 or 4 miles and I usually die of boredom by then. So, here comes the random thoughts.
"Thank goodness Dr. Oz is over."
"Not too crazy about Oprah either."
"I like Julia Roberts though." 
"Julia has pretty skin. Her hair is pretty too."
"My hair will be flat once I am out the door if I try to do that."
"Why is this man next to me stomping on the treadmill?"
"Oh wow, he is going faster and faster." 
"I will outlast him."
"Hah! I did." 
"4 miles ...." 
"I'll never walk barefooted around the yard ever. That sticker is still inside my sole." 
"Why do men lift weights that are WAAAAY too heavy for them and why do they just throw the weights on the ground when they are through?" 
"Men are such gossipers too." 
"My boobs are sore."
"Gee. I am glad I don't have big boobs." 
" I will not wear Keith's socks in the future too. Way too big and it is rubbing against my skin."

"If I can run 5, I can run 6 on the treadmill." 
and on and on and on... 

Basically the last few miles were "If I can do X, I can do X." 
Until mile 7.2, when Keith called me and we gotto go see some cars. So, we saw some cars, we ate at Chinese buffet after that. He dropped me off at my car and I came home. I was itching to finish the remaining 0.8 mile, so I slapped on the Garmin and ran. Yep. After all that egg rolls and lo mein and fried rice. 
AND I finished my May Challenge!!!! All 50 miles of it. :) 
Now, we'll see how many extra miles I can rake up for the remaining few days. 
And I feel SO DANG GOOD!


  1. I love the random treadmill thoughts! Those made me laugh! Congrats on the 50 miles! Woo!

  2. Way to go!!! I have only done 4 on the is so boring!! Good for you for sticking it out!

  3. Congratulations!!!! Over 7 miles on the treadmill - awesome!

  4. Congrats on achieving your challenge !!

  5. Congrats! You are awesome to make it so long on the treadmill. I don't know if I could've done the same.

  6. congrats congrats!! that is a lot of miles!!! good job.
    and i have no idea how u managed to finish that up AFTER eating at a chinese buffet. i always overeat at buffets and cant even walk after.hhahahah

    guess what tomoro is! fartlek wednesday! u ready?

  7. Thanks for supporting me and encouraging me everyone!
    Aneta, thank goodness I only had 0.8 mile left. I was so close to my goal and I know I won't be able to stand having that little bit hang over my shoulder. :)

  8. Great job! You were smart to listen to your body and take a few days off. Congrats!!

  9. no appologies for treating your body to the rest it needed if you were feeling pain!!


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