Friday, May 14, 2010

Early 4-miler random thoughts

Sights. I saw Peter Cottontail darted into the tall grass on the side of the gravel road. I caught a glimpse of a frog or a toad diving into the ditch. I saw a lone daisy-looking flower and that made me happy. 

Smells. I love the smell of honeysuckle. I am pretty sure now that my favorite two floral scents are honeysuckle and roses. There is a continuous stretch of 0.5 mile of honeysuckle vine down this road that I run. It smells so good and it really lifts the spirits. And somewhere down the line, I also smelled something similar to Christian Dior's Fahrenheit.

Attacks. A horsefly buzzed around me and followed me for a little ways. Another speedy bug flew right into my right cheek and gave me some sugar and lovin' this morning. 

 It was a little foggy this morning.
I ran 26 miles this month, and have 24 left to complete my May challenge.

10 Thoughts Today:
1. Running is hard. 
2. Running is a mental sport. 
3. Why is it kinda hard to finish 3 or 4 miles now compared to last month? 
4. Why is the flight home to Singapore so expensive?
5. How do I break the news that I don't feel good about flying back? 
6. I am going to fork the $ out to buy a pair of that Nike's tempo shorts that everyone is raving about. 
7. I need a race. 
8. I like running even though I am not fast.
9. I like running because I am alone with my own thoughts. I own myself, my thoughts, and my silence.
10. I got a call on my cell phone while running. I answered it because it is from someone who will keep calling and calling and calling. I told the person that I can't talk now because I was running. This person proceeded to asking me questions that will require more than a "yes/no" answer. I mean, hmm... which part of "I can't talk now" do you not understand? 
11. Ok. I also have come to a realization that I don't like messing and talking on the phone. I dislike ringing phones. I dislike answering phones. I dislike using telephones. And it does hurts my ears.

All right. Share your running thoughts. Boast about all the awesome miles you put in today. Make me jealous about the fabulous weekend plans you have planned. 


  1. I love the random thoughts you get on a run. It's funny how the brain goes from one thing to another to another in a matter of mili-seconds.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. running is definitely harder some days than others and it sure is a time for thinking!


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