Sunday, May 16, 2010

I ran and reached a milestone.

Today is the glorious day when I hit the 200-mile milestone. To be exact, I ran 201 miles since the somewhere, sometime in January. The goal is to hit 1000 miles before the year is over. I am not sure if I can do it. Perhaps 1000 km? Whatever it is, I am just continue to keep running the runs I am doing.

Today, at 6 a.m., I rolled out of bed.  I know I gotto get up and do it.  I hobbled, waddled, and rolled for 7 miles. I have had a good too many Oreos since Friday. And a yummy birthday cake yesterday. So these 7-miles were good. It made me feel less disgusted with myself and with all the sugar I have inhaled, snorted this weekend.  I finished 7 miles in 1:20. Took a bathroom break at 3.5-mile mark. Took a GU after that. Ran past Molly's Diner. And ran 2 inclines.

I finished 33 miles this month and I have 17 miles to go to finish my May challenge. I am crossing my fingers that I will complete that challenge next week. I know I can. And I think I just might.

In a weird way, I didn't have that many random thoughts today. Here are the more interesting ones.
1. If I ever get pregnant, I don't want people to buy the kid clothes, diapers, bottles. Give me some cash, which I will buy one of those jogging stroller so I can continue and run with the baby.  My baby will wear white t-shirts, white pants/panties/shorts, white tanks, white socks. That will make laundry easier, right?
2. But it is so cute to have some frilly stuff - like pink, greens, red, blues.
3. I haven't bought Oreos in 2 years and what possessed me to buy them on Thursday?
4. I definitely upped my calcium intake - I drank A LOT of milk in the past 2 days.
5. Gotto make a trip to the "big city" to Sam's and to Target to get some fruits and a wedding shower present.
6. I love running.
7. I may be a tortoise, but I finish.

Happy Sunday. Happy running.


  1. congrats on your running milestone!

  2. Congratulations on running 200 miles!! That's awesome.

  3. congrats on the 200 milesstone!! I love the random thoughts that go through your head on a run. It's crazy. I, too, bought something crazy at the grocery store -- those yummy frosted animal cookies and they weren't for the kids. I ate the whole dang bag in two days. Don't feel bad about it. There is always tomorrow! :)

  4. I love those frosted animal cookies. Sometimes, I'll get the plain ones and a jar of Nutella and dip those cookies in it. So good!


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