Friday, June 4, 2010

Fartleks .... and updates

It was supposed to be Fartleks Wednesday with Aneta, but somehow, I slept through the alarm and didn't get to it. I finally got to doing my fartleks on Thursday. Three miles on the treadmill with 0.5 mile intervals. Here are my pace: 11:19, 10:00, 10:00, 9:31, 10:00, 9:14/mile.
I'm pretty stoked about running some single-digit pace. I finished 3 miles in 30 minutes. :)

I haven't blogged this week because well, I haven't ran much this week. My week began kinda fast and furious, with me churning out the last few paperwork to turn in before my contract runs out. I think I have all the IEPs and lesson plans turned in so, yay to summer break!  Did I also mention I was busy baking. We have some bananas turning brown so, I HAD to make some banana nut bread. Then, the boyfriend picked a bunch of blackberries, which begged to be made into jams and cobblers etc. So I was busy doing that.
And of course, he wanted southern biscuits - made from scratch - like his grandmother used to make, and I am trying to come up with something that kinda resembles his grandmother's biscuits.  Anyway, the biscuits turned out FLAT like a pancake or like my chest. :( It might be the baking powder/baking soda.
So, if you have a good made-from-scratch biscuit, please e-mail me the recipe. I have a feeling my summer is going to be spent making biscuits. :)

Lastly, I do plan on getting some miles in today. We'll see. I have a wedding rehearsal dinner to go to later today and a wedding to go to tomorrow. (p.s.: It was difficult to find a wedding card that doesn't have all those fake, mushy, everlasting, cheesy lines. All I wanted was a simple card that says Congrats!)


  1. I just use bisquick for biscuits. An outrage, I know. lol

  2. Glad you were happy with your intervals--they will get faster each time! Very funny on the biscuits; sorry they didn't turn out!

  3. are a busy girl!!! I haven't made homemade biscuits is on my list to try. :)

  4. finally, u blogged!!!
    u have been a busy baker, havent you! i wish i could bake. all ur baking sounds delicious! :)

    have a great weekend!

  5. Impressive that your last mile was the fastest! Good job!!!

  6. intervals work...and look at the dif from your first to last...nice;-)


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