Monday, July 19, 2010

Balancing my life and my runs

Sometimes, life gets in the way of running. I stayed up too late to catch up on laundry, ironing, and cleaning the kitchen and slept in this morning instead of hitting the road/gym for a run.  I also had a lunch date thing with a co-worker to catch up on life and summer today and we went thrifting after that. After that, I ran a few errands.  I had fun, but the run that I missed this morning was at the back of my head. And we all know that isn't a good feeling.  When I was home, it was time to start cooking supper.  While I stirred and mixed, I was contemplating about a run. Should I? Should I not?

  Banana pudding

Turkey breast sandwich, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, mustard and Miracle Whip with sourdough bread

 Who has the right of way? Me or Sneaky Snake?

And yes, I did.  I ran. 
It wasn't a long run. I managed to squeeze in 2 quick miles.
Mile #1.02 = 10:52 minutes
Mile  #2 = 9:08 mins
Total miles = 2. Total time = 20 minutes

What do you do about running when life shows up at your door? 


  1. I wrote a blog about this about a year ago I think as I was just consumed by way too much...but for me, running is part of who I am and I just don't feel complete until I get it I just had to start trying to be more creative. A missed run here and there to get a breathe in, when needed, is totally okay...sometimes, it's mandatory! Btw, that pudding and sandwich look heavenly! YUM!

  2. Everyday life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of running life and although you sometimes have to give in, I,like you did, usally squash some kind of run in just to keep the nagging mind at bay and make up for it when time allows.

    Well done for getting a run in!

  3. Good question! And one I'm still working on an answer for. Right now the one thing that's working for me is to get my runs in first thing in the morning regardless of how late I was up the night before. Doesn't always make for the best run (like this morning I just toughed it out) but at least I know I get it in before getting pulled in too many directions as the day gets going.

  4. Ahhh....its tough sometimes! I usually end up running later at night OR I go for a run and end up running late for whatever I have going on later that night (no pun intended)! The run is worth it though :)

    PS, that sandwich looks really tasty!

  5. Mmm, banana pudding.
    I try to get my training runs in very early before life has a chance to wake up! But even then sometimes, a late night or restless sleep gets in the way. It just happens and I try not to dwell on it. Tomorrow is always another day to run!


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