Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two in one

I began my day with a 2 mile speed run (sort of).  I kinda had to run fast because I was at the Y and "All My Children" was on.  There were a few other people in there with me on the machines and they looked like they were actually watching it. So, while I have grown a little strand of gutsy nerve to request for the remote control at the reception desk to change the channel when I am in the room alone, my nerve hasn't grown that much yet for me to ask everyone else if it was OK for me to change the channel.

So I ran. Fast. I finished 2 miles in 19:41 minutes. That's like 9:50 min/mile pace, right? I stopped the treadmill after the first mile to have a sip of water.  My lower body - mainly my butt - is feeling it.  I have been trying to run fast for the past few runs. Man, I don't know how those of you who run 9-minute mile do it. It is not easy. But trust me, one day, I will be like you when I grow up. 

I came home and fixed lunch/supper.  Since I have to help the boyfriend laser-engrave the cutting boards today, I figured that I should cook a big enough meal that will see us through for lunch and supper. I fired up the girl-grill (we have 2 man-grills at the house and 1 girl-grill for me). I'm still a newbie at grilling (it takes me a while to get the coals going). I cut the huge salmon into 2 pieces, rubbed some Cajun seasoning, garlic powder, sliced up 1 lemon and squeezed some juice on top of it, and lay the lemon slices on top of the fish. Lay the salmon on the grill, drizzle a little olive oil and let that baby cook.  When the fish was done, I placed a few pineapple slices and let it grill a little. Very little work, very good Omega-3 and lots of flavor. Even the boyfriend said he will be willing to eat this everyday.

Here's what for lunch and supper. Served that with a slice of sourdough toast topped with a slice of pepperjack cheese and some grilled pineapple slices. It was quite satisfying.

And guess what? At around 8 p.m., I decided to go run again - maybe another 2, or 3 miles. It was a great run. I began my run with a steady comfortable 10:00 min/mile pace and then kept a pretty nice pace the entire 3 miles, increasing my pace to a mid 9:00/mile pace. I finished the 3 miles in 29:16 minutes. I am just happy. I stopped at mile #1 to pee and take a sip of water, mile #2 to take another sip of water and kept going. I feel pretty good. My legs are a little achy. So tomorrow, I am going to swim and maybe some weights. 

What makes me happy today? 
1. Be able to help your family members and those in need. 
2.  To see the ones not feeling too well have a better day today than yesterday. 
3. To know that I am healthy and able-bodied to run, jump, skip and dance. 
4.  And I drank at least 6 bottles (total 3 liters) of water today. 


  1. a double! very niceeeee!!! and u r getting faster and faster.

    ps. amazing looking lunch/supper. i want some. (i might still be hungry)

  2. Hi there!
    That fish pic with sourdough sounds fabu!
    and you ran 2x's in a day. dang!

    have a good swim manana;-)

  3. Your speed workouts are already paying off. 2 runs on 1 day and both under 10 min/mile - Awesome!!!

  4. Great job..progress feels good! Yum on the salmon.

  5. At first I though you were grilling ribs. I was like why is she putting lemons on ribs. But I'm glad you posted it b/c now I want fish which is better than the doughnut someone tempted me with earlier.

  6. Me too, I wanna run sub 9 minute miles when I grow up! I've be happy for 10 right now. Good job!

  7. let's here it for just being happy, that was cool to read. I like two a days because I always feel so productive


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