Friday, July 30, 2010

Hall of Shame.

Friday wasn't my workout day.  I woke up and head to the Y to get some miles in. I wanted to do 5 but only got 1 in.  Turns out, I am a creature of habit, a creature of routine. 

I put on a pair of ankle socks that weren't my usual "running" socks.  They weren't doing it for me.  I could feel the socks when I was running and it wasn't a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling.  Why did I decide to wear these socks? I am not sure.  But I sure won't be wearing them in the future. 

Also, my hair was up in a pony tail without the braids because I couldn't find the second elastic band that I like to use for the bottom of the braid. No. I didn't even bothered to look for it.  I got the hair in a pony tail and went, "oh well. whatever. This will work."  So, the entire time when I was running, I could feel my ponytail slapping my back. I could feel the ends of my hair tickling. It was quite frustrating. 

And back to the hair, I always wash my hair after my runs, and sometimes I will wash again before I go to sleep.  However, somehow, I got the smart idea not to wash my hair last night.  Big mistake. BIG.  I was acutely aware of it.  It just felt funny. 

Finally, when I needed something to wipe the perspiration off my face, I realized that I forgot to grab a towel. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I finished up the 1 mile and head out off the Y.  Defeated.

And I have been having some ridiculous cravings for chocolate cake and kettle-cooked chips.  I am shameless. I bought the cake from the store instead of baking it and I wolfed it down. I am not kidding. I also devoured the chips too. 

Yes, today's experience will be hung on the wall of shame. Tomorrow, I will do better. I will run better. I will eat better. And I will feel better. 


  1. Oh girl, you just need a big hug! ((HUGS))
    Hope your weekend will go better for you!! :)

  2. We all have those days! I'm really struggling with my runs right now because I'm so out of shape and it's really hot. We have to just keep plugging along though!

  3. I was like that about a month ago with cheese cake. Craved it like crazy, bought one, and ate half of it in two days (that's a LOT of cheesecake).

  4. I am having a hard time with eating lately. Glad I'm not the only one. Here's hoping we both do better -but not tonight for me. I am going out to dinner with friends.

  5. It seems so frustrating at the time but I wish when I had an off day I could always see it as a much needed break and enjoy it instead of feeling so guilty! I hope you were able to redeem your weekend!


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