Saturday, July 31, 2010


Friday just wasn't my day. I ate lots of chocolate cake. I ate lots of kettle-cooked chips. I slept on a recliner in the boyfriend's office while he was putting on stains on some furniture. I didn't want to go home and be alone. I was PMSing big time. I was needy like a 2-year-old.

I had two bad dreams. It was wild. I dreamed about two family members dying and I wasn't there. How many people must die before my night is over? It was 8 a.m.; I woke up and head home and slept some more.

And so I started! Yay! I am not PMSing anymore. I kicked the "P" out and have "MS" now.

Finally, I got my beeeee-hind out of bed and head to the Y.  Better be late than never.  It was all right. I ran and ran. Slowly. Last night's pigging out on chips and cake definitely put a toll on my body. But hey, at least I am on the treadmill today. It wasn't bad. It wasn't fantastic. But it is done.

And I'm feeling good. Way better.

July's target was to run 60 miles.  I ran a total of 65 miles. Not too shabby since it was quite a hot month and I have been running indoors.  It can be done. It's all in the attitude.
Proud of my 65 miles - the most miles logged since January.
I love charts and graphs. It helps me see all the progress I have made. 

I am a Facebook lover. I love how photo sharing is so easy. And I love my cousin K to death today. Cousin K is a typical teenage dude, trying to be cool at 15 or 16 years old. But I know he loves me because he is the only cousin who asks his folks to come pick me up and send me off at the airport whenever I am going back to Singapore/leaving Singapore. Today, in my sleep on my bed, he tagged me for some pictures. Since the Internet is down at the house, I had to wait to get to the boyfriend's office to check it. 

And I saw pictures of my mom and dad. It's my dad's birthday today (or yesterday in Singapore's time). It brought tears to my eyes because I hate to miss all these special days with my family. Happy Birthday, Dad! And I miss my family SO much.  (oops. Looks like I am "P"erpetual MSing).
My mom on the left. My dad in the middle. My favorite Aunt Sharon on right.
I miss my family.


  1. I can't imagine having family clear across the big pond - I hope you get to see them soon! I'm on FB if you want to "friend" me :) (Jill Andre Parker). Glad you knocked that P're going to feel so much better when you get your run in, no matter what :).

  2. Great job on the mileage for July! I could never run that much on the treadmill... that takes determination :)

  3. Way to knock out that 60mi goal! Congrats!
    Aaahhh...PMS bite. Hope today is better.

  4. Wahoo! Lots of positives here! Great job kicking it in gear and on exceeding your monthly miles goal. Congrats! I love facebook too, it's how I keep in touch with my family. I don't live near any family at all, just hubby and my kids. And hey, is that a dailymile picture? Can I friend you somehow? I'm loving dailymile!


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