Friday, July 16, 2010

Remote Challenged

Happy Friday everyone!
Phew, I am feeling 200% better compared to 2 hours ago! And I have a lot to say today.

1. It started out as a sluggish, can't keep my eyes open, dragging my junk-in-the-trunk kinda morning. I was up about 9 a.m. and had some Greek yogurt with fresh berries and a drizzle of honey.  As I sat letting the food digest a little before I head out to the Y to run, I got sleepy. I mean, "Seriously? I just woke up!" I didn't know where time went but at one point, in my bed, I had my eyes wide open and said to myself, "Enough is enough. Get out of bed and get moving!"  It was about noon when I finally step foot at the Y. Better be late than never, right? I could be this girl below, but instead, I was up and running.

2. I was assertive today. I went to the reception desk at the Y and asked if I could borrow their remote control for treadmill room. The lady jokingly asked if I didn't like the program that was on. I told her, I didn't mind the program, but running to General Hospital will probably send me to the pysch. ward at a hospital.  Anyway, she gave me the remote and I was excited.
(Pat on my back for just opening my mouth and ask.  Squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?)

3. I'm excited about the remote control because we don't have cable tv at home. Yep. No antenna or cable TV. Nada. (Reasons: expensive, a lot of trashy shows, time sucker). Then, I realized that I didn't exactly know how to work the remote. There are too many buttons on this remote with so many colors! Somehow, I got to the REALLY adult channels.  I was mortified! I hit whichever button that was the opposite of the button that led me to Pornoville. It worked. I stayed safe parked at some channel that was doing a feature of Sandra Bullock. Much better, right?
(Random Thought: I like Sandra Bullock and her ex-husband is a big fool! She is so pretty, so classy, so girl-next-door yet so wow!) 

4. So, the whole time when I fiddled with the remote control, I had the treadmill set to a slower pace and  I was walking.  Then, when I found the channel I wanted, I increased the pace and today was pretty darn good. I kept my pace somewhere in the mid 9:00ish range. I paused the treadmill 2 times (very briefly) to catch my breath and have a sip of water.

             2.05 miles - 22 minutes (walk at the beginning + run. Rest/sip)
1 mile - 9:31 minutes

Did I not go kinda fast today? Ha! After the run, I did 50 crunches on the big ball and did some squats using the ball against the wall and holding out a medicine ball out. My knees were not 100% thrilled. But it was done and I love it!
(Reflection: Isn't that amazing? Less than an hour ago, I was not in a happy mood. I felt lazy and sluggish and was just feeling yucky! But now, after a good run, I feel like a complete changed, new person. I have energy. And I have happy. 

5. I gave the Bondi Band another try today, using all the sweet suggestions from fellow bloggers. I had the band pulled a little down and it stayed on the whole run.  Love it. It helps prevent a lot of sweat from rolling down my face. Now, I want to collect all the black/white Bondi Bands since my workout clothes are all black/white/blue.
(Question: How do you wash your Bondi Bands? I washed mine in the shower using shampoo/bath foam. Is that OK?)

6. I have to say, I can't stay up until the wee hours of the morning like I used to. I remembered the days of staying up till 3 or 4 or 5 a.m. in the morning to study for a test and staying up to go dancing and have a few drinks. I have stayed up for the past few nights, helping the boyfriend laser engrave a bunch of cutting boards.  And I am tired pretty much half of the day.  So far, I have finished 2 pallets (4 more to go!). That's the thing being a boss of a small business in a not-so-rosy economic climate - (1) can't afford to hire workers, (2) it is difficult to find a dedicated employee who takes pride in what he/she does. So, since school's out for summer and I don't have to work, I am doing a little pro bono work for him. It is good though. He works long hours and with me helping him at the office, we get to spend quality, productive time together.

How was your run today? What challenge did you face today during your run? Did you overcome it?
C'mon. Brag about it. Toot your own horn.


  1. good job on the run. u were fast! thats awesome.

    ive never tried the bondi bands. glad they are working out for u.

    have a great weekend!!!

  2. You were fast today!

    I did pretty well -- I'm just now up to 1.5 miles without stopping after my stress fracture healed. And the last 0.5 I kept going faster and faster on the treadmill. Not bad for an old broad who just finished coaching a 3-4 year old basketball game!!!

  3. The Bondiband looks great on you. I hand wash mine in the sink, I am sure the shower is OK. Plain water is probably enough to get the sweat out.

    Since you asked.... I was a Basketball Player most of my life and into college, which requires SPEED to get up and down the court. I have developed fast twitch speed muscles that have translated to my running. I am competetive and want to get faster and faster, for no other reason than to keep my own competitive self from beating me up.. Make sense?

    Thanks for your comment!!

  4. Hey! I'm new to Bondiband's and I am washing it in the shower after a run. I still need to take a towel, tho, because it isn't 100% for me. I can't stand sweat in my face nor in my eyes.

    I wish I could learn to run even a 10 min/mile! sub 10's, wow! I can only do my first mile at a 10, then I hope to keep the rest under 12. Everyone says "it'll come" but I wish it would come faster.


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