Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I run. I eat. I nap.

I just popped my lower back that had been bugging me for days! Woo hoo...

I just had to share that above thought. The boyfriend has been trying to help me pop my lower back for days now, but to no avail. And it just popped and that is a relief. I feel ... adjusted.

And back to some running talk.

The plan: A 4.5 mile virtual run today with Aneta.
The run: An easy 1.5 mile shake-the-sleep away warm-up run. Then, I cranked the speed up a notch after every 0.5 mile or so. The pace stayed between 10:55 to 10:30ish. At the last mile, I ran at a comfortable pace. When I stopped the treadmill after my planned run was completed, I thought, "Why not another 0.5 mile?"  I finished 5 miles in 55:15 minutes.
The other factors: I ran a little to The View and Jeopardy.  I distracted myself from thinking about the run by engaging in a little Jeopardy myself.  Then, a chick came in and parked herself at the treadmill next to me. She asked if I was watching anything in particular and if it was OK if she changed the channel. I told her to go ahead. So, we watched Jersey Couture together and laughed and made a few very brief comments to each other about the show. It was quite fun!
After the run:  I got home, showered, and fixed shrimp and pasta. It was a yummy meal that was so easy and quick to prepare. I had made the sauce from scratch some weeks ago using tomatoes and basil fresh from the garden and froze it. I thawed out some frozen cooked shrimp under running water. Cooked the pasta until almost al dente, drain. Toss the pasta sauce and shrimp into the pasta to warm it up, and plate up. Here's a bite for you.

And now, I think I just might take a nap. If you read yesterday's post, you would know that I was laser engraving cutting boards at my boyfriend's hardwood furniture company. I was up doing that until 3ish in the morning and finished a pallet of cutting boards. Woo Hoo.. So, I think I am gonna go nap and then, head back up to engrave another thing of cutting boards. Ahhh .. the things we do for love.


  1. naps....i dont know what those are like anymore.
    by the time i get home from work and run and shower and eat dinner, its about 9 pm and its time for the big nap till the next morning. ugh.

    good job on the run. i love it when that happens. i am off for my 4.5 miler today and my goal is to run it at a faster pace then yesterday's run! fingers crossed!

    wanna do my 11 miler with me on sunday?

  2. Is your blog singing to me? How lucky to have a friend to run with!

  3. Mmmhhh you just made me hungry!! :) I'm impressed you always extend your runs lately. That is awesome!! You are doing awesome :)

  4. I've been napping almost daily since I'm off school...I'm going to be in for a shock when I go back to work in a few weeks....ugh! Yay for your popped back...I think I could use that, too! Could my kiddos jump on it? Great job on the running :).


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