Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The run that ran away

Today, I was supposed to fartlek 3 happy miles. Blah. I was doing this instead.

Instead of listening to grunting men in the gym as they lifted weights, I listened to my boyfriend's little brothers and their cousins squealed with excitement as they slid down the waterslide and tried to be cheerleaders and water acrobats.

After some fun times at the pool, they left to go to the movies.  I went to the boyfriend's office as a free laborer  volunteer to help him laser engrave some cutting boards. Ahhh ... the life of an adult.
Since my car has officially kicked the bucket and I am sharing a vehicle with the boyfriend, it is always a good idea to think 5 steps ahead and dress appropriately.  Got my tempo shorts on and my running shoes and tank top and my Garmin in a bag. 

At the office, I was a multitasker. I cooked supper (wantons) at the office, laser engraved a bunch of cutting boards, stay connected to other runners who actually ran and blogged about running, and had a running thought stuck at the back of my head. I got a bunch of boards engraved and didn't get my run in. 

So, I'm thinking about running 4.5 miles tomorrow. 
Will that happen? We'll see.


  1. Don't worry missing one run isn't bad, especially when you do so many fun things :) I hope you get your motivation back for today's run :)

  2. yay for 4.5 miles today. and fast ones, ok????

  3. Ooo...i'm jealous. I love spending time in a pool.


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