Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4 weekend and Show & Tell

Hope y'all had a good July 4th weekend.  I didn't do much over here in my neck of the woods. Spent the holiday cleaning out the fridge and today running. Read on ... 

I had plans to drop Keith's truck off yesterday evening and run home. But ended up eating and procrastination won. I slept in the office, on a recliner, because he was working and I didn't have a ride home.  He gave me the truck's key at 3 a.m. and sent me home. Seven o'clock rolled around and I decided to get yesterday's run in. Yes, the guilt clung onto me like algae onto a fish tank.
I dropped off his truck and ran home.
Miles ran: 2.76 miles in 31:10 minutes. 
Mile 1 = 10:55.96
Mile 2 = 11:20.03
Mile 0.76 = 8:55.00
It was quite a struggle. At 8 a.m., the temperature was 77degrees but the Real Feel was 88. Humidity was at 80% and dewpoint was at 70.  Anyway, I'm going to stretch really well because I know my legs needed it. They felt a tad heavy today (or maybe because I have been feasting too much?) and felt like they need some elbow grease and get it all twisted around.

Random Thoughts:
1. Do people wash their running shoes? How often? How?
2. I need to wash my running shoes. Google "how to" and post a question on the blog later.
3. Man, it is hot! Gotto get used to the heat since I have a 5K coming up.
4. I'm gonna torture myself. Gonna do this again tomorrow.
5. I'm so messed up in my head. Why subject myself to torture like this when I can just lay in bed and stretch.
6. If I lay in bed, my mind will be running amok about not running.
7. I'm thankful to have legs, and legs that move, and being able to get around using my own two feet.
8. I'm gonna enjoy a cup of coffee and oatmeal and a piece of fruit for breakfast.
9. Yeap. I gotto lose 2lbs this month.
10. This Bondi Band is not staying on my head. (Gonna do a separate post later today).


There has been a show-and-tell sort of post going around. It is showing and telling your fridge. Awesome, I thought. I like showing off, and my fridge is in the dire-est need to be cleaned. That is great motivation to clean it out.

I spent July 4th cleaning this monster. I took out each shelf and washed it well with soapy water and with a bleach solution. I threw out jars and jars of stuff that we haven't used in a while. I kid you not. I had about 6 jars of jams/jellies/fruit preserves and at least 5 jars of pickles, and at least 5 jars of some kind of relish. PURGE!

This is the fridge in the house.
It's big and hoards lot of food.

 I left two shelves kinda empty for leftovers.
We love leftovers in this household.
Maybe that's why we always have junk in the fridge.

 Bottom: Drinks shelf
(Hoegaarden, Hershey's chocolate syrup, water, wine, lemon and lime juice, Powerade)
  2nd bottom and top shelves: Shelves for leftovers and new groceries.
3rd shelf from bottom: Mayo, Miracle Whip, salad dressings, vegetables basket, fruit basket.
4th shelf from bottom: Jellies (homemade apple, apple, apple butter, grape, blackberry, strawberry). 

Bottom shelf: Yeast packages in blue container. The other blue container is what I used to thaw frozen meat out. I like to contain all the juice in a container. 
2nd shelf from bottom: Dairy products - milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese (we have 3 containers of grated parmesan cheese), half and half, and soy milk. 
3rd shelf from bottom: Lunch meat, hot dog buns, A1 sauce, relish section (hot chow chow, milk chow chow, dill relish, hot dog relish, sweet relish, homemade relish, salsa section
4th shelf from bottom: Pickles section (dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, Cajun pickles, sweet pickles, Gerkins, homemade pickles), jalepenos peppers (store bought and homemade)
Top shelf: Garlic (minced garlic, California minced garlic), my Asian/ethnic section (ginger and garlic paste, tahini paste, tom yum paste, 3 jars of pickled sliced ginger - the ones you get at sushi restaurants. Meat marinade. 

So, what's in your fridge? Let me tell you. This was a good post, in that, it forces me to gut the entire fridge. Now, I feel like the items in the fridge can breathe properly. I actually caught myself just walking into the pantry and staring lovingly at the fridge. Awesome!


  1. I was in the New Balance shop a couple of weeks ago and they had a sign saying not to wash running shoes in a washing machine as each wash takes 20 miles of the life of your shoes

  2. wow thats a big fridge!!!

    and i love ur random thoughts when u run! hehe

  3. I do not wash my running shoes, but I know some folks who seem to wash them once a month.

  4. okay, few things...
    first your fridge is FREAKIN amazing! that's your fridge?? oh, i'm jealous over here.

    second, love the idea of random thoughts. and no i don't wash my running shoes, but now you've got me thinkin' that maybe i should...;-)

  5. First of all, that's one incredible refridgerator!!! Holy cow, can you actually see through the thing? If I had a fridge that big, I'd be hording WAY too much crap in it, and crap that isn't good for me, I'm certain - haha. Well, I love it..wasn't that a fun assignment?? I threw out so much mold, I'm certain some dr would have been all over that for some penicillian project! I love your random lay in bed thoughts :). I've been such a slug this summer and love laying there in the morning doing nothing.

  6. It is one big fridge. That's why I label them. You can pack a lot of stuff and forget what's in there. It is great during family gatherings and the holidays though.

    Yes it was a fun and much needed to do assignment. I threw out lots of stuff and mold, and wiped the fridge a bleach solution.


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