Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some one-on-one time

I woke up around 5:30 a.m. this morning, determined to get my run in. I missed yesterday's run because it was pouring down rain. I thought I would be able to sneak past Buttercup and go for my run alone. Of course it didn't work that way. She was right outside the door that I usually sneak out of. And boy was she excited!

I decided to take her for a run today. We haven't ran together since the temperature hit the 60s. I didn't want to stress her or tire her out.  She is old. She has been in the family for at least 13 years. No kidding right? Do you think she will BQ?

The run was rough the first 0.5 mile. My legs continued to feel heavy throughout the run and the left knee was not feeling like a million dollars. In my sleepy stupor, I must have worn the wrong socks because man! These socks keep my feet kinda caliente. Note to self: Maybe I'll wear it in the winter time.

Random Thoughts:

1. Humid. Humid. Humid.  (When I got back, I checked on the Internet for the temperature and this was what I got. Humidity - 94%. Awesome!

76 °F
Humidity: 94%
Wind: 6 mph from the ESE
Visibility: 8.0 miles
Dew Point: 74 °F
Precipitation: 70% Chance of Rain
Pressure: 30.02 in
UV: 0
 2. Gonna run to the stop sign and back. Gotto run at an easy pace because Buttercup haven't ran in a while. She might be tired.
 3. I can do this. 
 4. Great. Barking dogs aren't out today. Maybe they are still sleeping. Barking dogs make me nervous.
 5. I'm glad I froze my handheld bottle. But boy, the hunk of a chunk of ice is melting fast. My bottle has sorta lost its shape. 
 6. Wait. I feel a sprinkle or two. Please rain, drizzle a little. 
 7. Maybe that was a bird sweating. 
 8. Will I really really like running in 30 degree weather come winter time or am I just saying that now because I am whining about the heat and humidity?
 9. Ahhh breeze. I like breeze. Evaporation brings about cooling (learned it in elementary school or the first year in high school), so that will keep me feeling cool, right? 
 10. Keep running. Do not stop at the mail box. Keep running, do not stop when your Garmin chimes at 3 mile. Keep running, do not stop at the teeeeeny weeeny little bump of a slope. Keep running to the house. Uh wait. Keep running in circles until it says 3.5 miles.

Buttercup and I after our 3.5 mile run. 
AND we are done! It wasn't a fast run but it is done.  
Total ran: 3.5 miles in 40:25 minutes at 11:33/mile pace.


  1. good for you honey!
    its sooo hot outside. its ridiculous. cant believe ur dog ran the whole 3.5 miles. that is excellent. i have a 9 mile planned for tonite and i am a bit scared.
    i need tips to run in this heat. help!

  2. Good for you for knocking out.
    We've had unseasonable cool weather the past 1.5 wk due to the tropical storm. Its been raining like a mother. But when its not raining its nice.


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