Saturday, July 10, 2010

Outside and Inside

It has been a weird morning. I knew I had to get the 5 miles in. But, other than freezing my water for the run last night, I didn't prepare for anything otherwise. I didn't lay out the clothes like I am supposed to. Didn't charge the Garmin like I'm supposed to. Didn't find my mp3 player like I am supposed to. Come morning at 6-ish, the boyfriend finally rolls in from an out-of-town business trip. Oh man, I want to lay in bed and snuggle. Be proud, I cut the snuggling business short and got out of bed. Found my mp3 in the freezer (yeah, so it won't turn on). Placed my Garmin on the dock to charge while I got dressed, got a quick bite, and fiddled with the Bondi Band.

I ran 3.5 miles with Buttercup. I thought I would be able to sneak past her without having to drive the vehicle and park somewhere, but she saw me and was ready to go. And so we went ...

It wasn't a easy run. And nothing's new - the weather is just plain horrible. I poured my water on the ground for Buttercup so she would have something to drink, but she just wasn't interested.  Anyway, we finished 3 miles before I had to stop. Buttercup finally came to a puddle of water and she went right in there to cool off a little. I hated to cut her fun short, so I let her cool down a little and rest a little before we continue further. About 0.5 miles away from the house, we ran home.

Then, I grabbed my Powerade and headed to the Y to finish the remaining 1.5 miles. At the Y, I alternated between running 0.5 miles of hills and weight training to break up the monotony. It worked. I have 5 miles in, bringing this month's mileage to 18 miles.  And my total mileage of 2010 is 300.42 miles.

There weren't a lot of random thoughts today. Mostly, I thought about a friend (my ex-room mate in college) from Malaysia.  She has taken up running and has been doing that for several months now. She is back in her home country (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and it is hot and humid there too. If Azura has to wear her head scarf, long sleeve top, and long bottoms to run in the heat (because of her religion), I can do it too. So, that was all I thought today during my run when I was being such a whiny baby.

I hope you have a good weekend run.


  1. Wohoooo 300 miles!!! This is a huge accomplishment! Good job and keep running :)

  2. Hey Christina! You absolutely made my day on Friday! Thanks so much for the sweet card and adorable Bondi Band. You are awesome and made turning 30 a bit more fun! You are such a sweetheart and am so glad we're bloggy buddies. Giving you a shout out on today's post. THANKS!

  3. So why was the mp3 in the freezer?

  4. Good job on 300 miles! I am with you Megan---mp3 player in the freezer? I want to know the story behind that one!

  5. I left my mp3 in the pocket thing of my handheld bottle. I usually take the pocket/strap thing off but for some reason, I just put the entire bottle and pocket into the freezer.
    I'm also known for leaving my keys/ cell phone in the fridge in the mornings (I grab a drink out of the fridge before I leave for work and leave my phone/keys in there.)


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