Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweating it out on the 'mill

Holy Smoke!
I got up and got sucked into the this blogging site bright and early, reading running posts and getting so inspired. Nothing's better than starting your day with some REAL inspirations, right? The next time I looked at the clock, I had already spent about 45 minutes on the computer. O0ps! I better start running!

I drove out to the Y today for a run. Yesterday's morning run outside was good but I'm not too gung-ho about running outside today. I knew I had to do a 4 mile run today because I planned a 4-mile run last week. I'm not very flexible at changing plans - so not flexible that you may think I am on the spectrum.

Here's the run. The first part of the run was more of a hills workout. I set the treadmill to Calorie Burner and started running. The inclines were between 2.6% to 5.5ish%. I was feeling it. I had to go slower than usual because I'm not used to this incline setting. I have been a wimp at setting the inclines during my hills training with Aneta. This time, it is for real. I finished 2.42 miles in 30:22 minutes.  Took a water break and rested my legs for a little while.  It was a workout.  The second part of the run, I just ran the way I run. No plans. I switched it up a little here and there - sometimes I had it set to an incline, sometimes I speed up, and sometimes I slow down. I finished 2.04 miles in 24:01 minutes.  Come to think of it, I probably should pad the hills with these easy runs as warm up and cool down.  Overall: 4.46 miles in 54:23 minutes. Not exactly fast. O0ps.

A little while ago, I posed a question about washing your running shoes. I spent a little time digging for information and have put together a summary of things to do and not to do for you. Below, I quote the sources, so you can look it up and read it more in details if you want to.

  1. To extend the life of your shoes, don't store shoes in really cold areas or in direct sunlight.Running shoes should be use just for running.
  2. Don't wash your shoes in a washing machine or dry them in a clothes dryer. Hand wash them using commercial shoe care products. Use old toothbrush to scrub dirt and stains off the shoes.
  3. If your shoes get wet, place near a heat source but don't dry them in the dryer. Or ball up newspaper and stick it inside your shoes to help the drying process.



  1. i hate hills. u know.
    since ive been living at the bf's the last few weeks, ive been doing a lot of hill work bc he lives in a VERY hilly area. its all up adn down and up and down.
    i hate it!!!

    anyways, good job on ur workout.
    and thnx for the tips on washing running shoes.

  2. Good tips about the running shoes. One thing that I've found that helps with the stink is to dry them well after excessive sweat or running in very wet conditions. I bought a Peet boot dryer last fall ($40 - LL Bean) and try to use it whenever the sneakers get wet. It dries them gently and thoroughly, which really helps them last longer.

  3. Balled up newspaper works like a charm if you get them wet in a rainy run. I swear by that! And definitely don't wear your running shoes to walk around in. (I use my old ones for that!)

    Love the blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!


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