Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Thoughts, Random Questions

Monday blues? Nah. I don't usually have the blues on Monday. I usually feel super duper good on Mondays.  Today's run was quite good. Indoor on the treadmill, 67 degrees (although it didn't feel like it after 0.5 mile into the run), TV show, window with a view. Life is good!

I ran the planned 3 miles that was on my calendar, stopped at 1.5 mile to take a sip of water. After the 3 miles, I stopped the treadmill and drank more water and thought to myself, "Why stop at 3 when I can definitely do another one?"  So I started the treadmill back up and ran. I set it at a 1% incline for the first 3 miles (32:56 minutes). For that 1-miler (10:45 min), I just increased the speed by a notch, or two, or three after every 2 bars on the screen. It was quite fun and made the run seemed shorter.

Here's me after my run. My tank top was soaking wet.

Quite a few random thoughts/questions on this treadmill run. Check them out.
  1. Did I just watched 1-mile worth of advertisements on TV?  Do I need to look at IHOP's pancakes and Red Lobster's crab deal while I am running? 
  2. Oh I miss California! Well, actually, I miss the fresh seafood there. My best friend and I spent 2 weeks and drove from LA up to Sonoma last year. Our meals were a rotation of oysters, mussels, clams, crabs, and abalone. Oh my! Delicious.  
  3. I do enjoy Arkansas but I enjoy my seafood more. 
  4. That man has been standing outside, next to his car, talking on his cellphone for the past 2 miles.  
  5. My right ankle and my left ankle itch. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.
  6. There is a grain of something in my shoe. Wiggle the toes to get it out of the way.
  7. Does Vanna White ever age a little?
  8. O0ps, side stitches. Breathe in deeply. Regulate the breathing. Do not stop running. Keep breathing at a regular pace.  Focus. 
  9. I think I am flinging sweat off the end of my pony tail. Thank goodness the lady is 2 machines away from me. 
  10. My lower back/tail bone feels like it needed to be popped. Argh.
  11. I love the Bondi Bands I bought recently off their Web site.  They are cute and light and do help prevent sweat from rolling down my face.  But I hate my flat head and my slippery fine hair.  Seriously, my head is flat in the back. If I lay down with the back of my head facing you, and you put a glass on top of my head, it probably will stay and won't tip over. It is smack flat. And my hair is thin and fine and slippery. My Bondi Band won't stay put on my head. Does anyone has that trouble? What do you propose to remediate this flat-head-fine-slippery-hair situation? I tried using some bobby pins but I must not know how to do it right because the pins won't stay put on my hair. (I'm bad at doing anything with my hair - I have it up in a pony tail, in a bun or hanging loose most of the time.)
  12. What's the running etiquette when you have a kid (10ish years old) running next to you and are approaching the Finish line? Do you treat the kiddo like any other competitor, speed up/sprint to the Finish line? Or do you encourage the kid to go ahead and beat you and kinda curb that competitiveness in you?  At my last 5K race, I sped up and left the kid to fend for himself toward the end and made a dash for the Finish line. I felt bad after that though because I was confused as to what was the "right" thing to do. I'm all about encouraging a kid, but I am also a firm believer that kids need to have some kind of competition. So, what say you? 

How was your run today?  I hope you had a good one!


  1. ok..about that #2...I live in Sonoma! So glad you had a good time and if you come out to Cali again..lemme know;-)

  2. I love Cali, too! I just love the ocean and everything about it. Glad the run turned out faster and longer...that's so great!! :)

  3. Bondi band -- I have to pull them farther down my forehead than I thought I would to get them to stay. But I love 'em! And just got 2 more as well as 2 more for my girls.

    As far as your etiquette question, I would probably give some encouraging words as I'm leaving the kid in my dust. I don't know if that's proper, but at least I wouldn't feel bad about kicking his butt if I tried to say something nice as well.

    have a great day!

  4. omg, ive been beat by a 10 year old kid. it does not feel good.
    especially, when u think all these ppl are cheering for you bc u r doing so well.....nope, they are cheering for the cute little boy that jut beat ur ass!

  5. I LOVE bondi bands!!!

  6. Yesterday was an odd Monday! My hubby had a blue day too..and he never does! I enjoyed your post..I sprained my ankle on Saturday and can't run, but I felt like I was running with you, watching the man by the car!
    I can't do Bands either...bummer!
    As for the race...always run your race!

  7. the bondi bands are actually supposed to be worn pulled down on the forehead (according to my contact at bondi bands) Hope that helps :)

  8. Wow, good job on adding 1 more mile!! Yeah :) I wish I had some of your motivation, this week my motivation is pretty much non existing :(

    Bondi bands work best for me when I put them close to ,y forehead. And don't worry, my head shape is weird too :)

  9. I love the Bondi bands too! I have to wear my partly over my forehead or else it slips back. Last time there was a kid near me in a race I pulled away from him in the end...I felt bad about it too, but knew I was close to a PR. :(

  10. I LOVE your random thoughts and questions! I think if you are racing to PR, you can pass the kid. If you are running for fun, let 'em think they beat you.

    Other than that, I don't think Vanna White ages. Ever.


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