Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Goals

Woo hoo! I am quite a blogger today huh?  I spent a WHOLE LOTTA time on the Internet browsing at race calendars, checking out hotels/plane tickets as if I was really going for a destination half marathon and read a lot of blogs. I also gave some thoughts about August and running.

Goals for the Month:
  1. I am going to run 60 miles this month. 
  2. A virtual race (see below).
So, I clicked and clicked and clicked and hey! I found myself on MCM Mama's blog.

And I clicked and clicked and somehow, I signed up for a virtual race.

And Hey! Hey! Hey! I didn't just remain the usual "play safe" girl and signed up for the 4-mile run. I committed myself to the 8.25-mile run! We gotto think big. Dream big. And accomplish big!

OH YEAH! August is still gonna be oven-hot in SE Arkansas so I am thinking it will be done on the dreadmill. But, I'm gonna do it. We gotto challenge ourselves, right?

So, if you are interested in a virtual race, head on over to MCM Mama's blog and check it out. Let's celebrate her birthday with some miles!

What are your August's running goals? 


  1. I'll be doing the 4 mile version. Figured the 8.25 was a bit much for me to commit to given that I can't even run again for 2 more weeks...

  2. Good for you! This is great and I'm proud of you to take the challenge :) Good luck!! I might do that race as well :)

    The training plan I'm using is Jeff Gallloway's. I modified it a little so I do 4 running days per week.

  3. Good luck for your virtual race and as for the half marathon - GO FOR IT!

    The longest run of 10 miles should be enough to see you through.

  4. I'll have to check out the virtual race. I've never done anything like that before. I have another 100 miles planned and the Ragnar Relay Great River on the 20th and 21st. So exciting!


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